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Proposal III -- World Information Clearing House

International Cooperation, Communication and Sources of Information (Part #10)

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(This proposal is put forward as an international project requiring substantial financial support, but which would contribute significantly to the availability and free flow of information in the future)

It is proposed that:

(i) a study be prepared of the feasiblity of placing information sources and reference material on local, national and international periodicals, organizations (committees, societies, research institutes, etc.), bibliographies, abstracting services, directories, information clearing houses, etc. onto punched cards, magnetic tape or discs to permit sorting by computer; (ii) the possibility of computer sorting of these information sources to provide the source(s) giving an optimum amount of information under a given set of circumstances be investigated; (iii) the possibility of providing financial support for this project by printing off and selling directories of information sources or mailing lists to cover a particular field and/or country be investigated; (iv) an investigation be made of the usefulness of information in this form in the study of the efficiency of the local / national / international communication networks