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International Cooperation, Communication and Sources of Information (Part #7)

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What is required of the International Co-operation Year (1965), and of any future programmes, is a practical step forward in the development, improvement and maintenance of national and international contacts. These contacts are based on the availability and free flow of information and the feasibility of communication between disciplines and between geographical areas.

The flow of information needs to be given a conceptual framework capable of physical representation in order to give a stable background to international co-operation and to draw the inquirer's attention to the point in the overall information flow-chart at which the optimum amount of information may be retrieved, whether from a periodical, organization, bibliography or information clearing house. This framework would be of use in studying the communication networks employed for the movement of information and would help to highlight those areas or links where there are communication gaps or where no information is available.

The physical representation of this information flow-chart could take the form of a single volume study of the relationship between known sources of information or, more usefully, a fully fledged information clearing house listing these sources and using modern data handling and processing methods.