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Proposal I - Local, national and International Sources of Information

International Cooperation, Communication and Sources of Information (Part #8)

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(This proposal is put forward as a general project where no centralization of activity is possible. It could form part of a brochure on general suggestions to national I.C.Y. / U.N. / U.N.E.S.C.O. committees, NGOs and community groups on means of promoting international co-operation)

International co-operation has its roots in the confidence in communication and co-operation at the local and national levels. It is proposed, therefore, as a practical general project to establish and make known the existing communication networks and sources of information at a local, national and international level as a necessary step prior to effective international co-operation, that:

(i) interested groups, committees and organizations within every field (science, religion, education, youth, etc.) and/or geographical area (city, state, country, continent or region, world) be encouraged to identify, contact and list similar bodies and sources of information in their own and neighbouring fields in other geographical areas in order to establish the series of possible communication links between subjects from the grass-roots to the international level; (ii) these groups be encouraged to publish, keep up to date and make generally available (i.e. one copy to national library) the addresses of those groups and sources of information as a guide to a particular field and/or geographical area, and for the benefit of those who may wish to participate in, aid or contact some such group; (iii) representatives of these groups be encouraged to meet, if they do not already do so, to discuss any common problems (legal, fiscal, business efficiency, etc.) and the possible usefulness of joint activity; (iv) Governments be encouraged to examine and, if necessary, re-define and clarify the financial, legal and charitable status and responsibilities of local, national and international non-governmental bodies and their personnel, and to publish and make available (i.e. copies to national library and U.N. Library, New York) their results in a convenient form to facilitate the task of those who may wish to establish a national or international organization in a particular country.