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Proposal II - Information Flow-Chart and Sources of Information

International Cooperation, Communication and Sources of Information (Part #9)

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(This proposal is put forward as a specific research project to be conducted under the auspices of some interested body with the aim of making better known the different sources of information available throughout the world and the relationship between them)

International co-operation and communication are based on the availability and free flow of information, and the feasibility of communication between disciplines and/or between geographical areas. It is proposed, therefore, in order to determine and make known the sources of information available throughout the world and the flow of information between them, and to provide a context for existing guides to sources of information by highlighting duplication and communication gaps, that a study be made of the possibility of publishing an information flowchart as a means of establishing the relationship between existing sources of information in the form of periodicals, organizations, (committees, societies, research institutes, etc.), bibliographies, directories, special libraries and information clearing houses, etc. in order to determine systematically, as a necessary step prior to efficient information retrieval:

(i) whether known sources cover all types of information; (ii) which sources need to be tapped to collect all information of a given type; (iii) the minimum number of sources to be tapped to collect an optimum amount of information; (iv) which sources duplicate one another and whether more compre- hensive sources exist or could be created for information of a given type