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Data for the Survey

Governmental Support of International Non-governmental Organizations (Part #2)

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The 1,935 international non-governmental organizations which were analyzed in this survey are those listed in the llth edition of the Yearbook of International Organizations (1966-67). This publication has an editorial policy endorsed by the United Nations.

The survey was based on the data as listed in the entries in the Yearbook. The majority of these entries has been approved by the executive officers of the organizations concerned. Different interpretations are however made on the terminology used in describing membership types and the nature of financial support in different countries and languages. Every effort is made to eliminate the more obvious discrepancies when the Yearbook entries are prepared, but the editorial staff cannot depart to any great extent from the text returned by the organization. No effort at reinterpretation was made during this survey. It may therefore be assumed that the survey was made on the most comparable data base available under the circumstances when it was impracticable to attempt a detailed analysis of each organization.