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What types of information is included?

Description of a Proposed Information System to Facilitate Contact between Organizations (Part #13)

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The computer files will be built up according to the following flexible priori- ties: intergovernmental organizations, international associations, national governmental agencies, national associations, multinational business enter- prises, local or regional associations. Related internal technical committees, projects or programmes, meetings, directories, bibliographical services, etc, will be included simultaneously or whenever convenient.

It is not planned to include businesses as such since they are already well documented. Commercial research institutes, trade associations will however be included. Complex commercial organization structures, such as holding companies, which are of significance to an understanding of the organizational network as a whole may be included at a later stage.

As a long term project, it is hoped that sufficient funds can be accumulated to permit a programme under which Inter-Contact would stimulate contacts in areas which appeared critical but were insufficiently known to have lead to the formation of an organization.