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Address details form for Inter-Contact

Description of a Proposed Information System to Facilitate Contact between Organizations (Part #16)

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(each item numbered; text in English only; provision for a multilingual explanatory sheet covering each numbered item)

1. Name of organization/group/committee/programme/etc,

2. -idem- in English or French (if different)

3. Address

4. Main fields of interest

5. Contact codes

A The above address can be used for: a) Contact inquiries only b) Preparation of directories c) Distribution of non-advertising matter d) All uses e) ... B Material should preferably be sent in the following language groups: a) ... C Data below on organization is to be considered: a) Confidential - only for automatic examination by computer and not to be printed b) Available to single inquirers c) Available for conversion to directory form d) ...

6. Number of collective members (range)

7. Number of individual members (range)

8. Number of geograrhical units represented (range)

9. Type of information source -

A international, national, regional local B governmental, commercial, association C programme, meeting, periodical, bibliographical service, directory

10. Staff (range)

11. Library volumes (range)

12. Meeting attendance

A Own meetings (range) B Delegation to other meetings (range)

13. Budget

A Ordinary budget (range) B Meeting budget (range)