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What can Inter-Contact do for you?

Description of a Proposed Information System to Facilitate Contact between Organizations (Part #4)

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Lists of useful contacts: Whatever your field of interest we hope to be able to provide the contacts that you need in other countries or related fields of interest. This should assist you in designing your programme of activities by taking advantage of what other organizations have done, avoid duplication where collaboration would be beneficial, and indicate potential new members or readers of your periodical. Some of this information will be supplied to you at no charge.

Assist others to contact you: Other bodies, committees and inter-govern- mental organizations which may want to get in touch with organizations such as yours - without knowing of your existence -- can do so through Inter- Contact. This should ensure greater recognition for your efforts.

Improve you information collecting and disseminating ability: Newly created committees producing reports and documents in your field will know - through Inter-Contact - to which key bodies, such as your organization, a copy of the material should be sent for review, storage and bibliographical processing.

Improve your ability to obtain funds: Fund allocating bodies and foundations experience much difficulty in locating suitable channels for their funds. Through Inter-Contact foundations interested in your field can locate your organization rapidly.

Rapid response to new problems: Under present conditions it is difficult to locate and notify the relevant bodies each time a new problem or crisis area is detected. Through Inter-Contact a mailing can be quickly made to any combination of organizations with regard to any field of interest to pre- pare organized response and support.

Free use of a computer: The profits made by Inter-Contact will be partially allocated to paying for the cost of data processing by non-profit associations whose addresses have been included. A scale will ensure that those which can least afford to pay and have contributed most derive the greatest benefit - the scale will be further biased to favour international associations. Any allocation of free computer use will be deducted from the cost of any more extensive use of the computer. You could therefore use the computer to help you to send questionnaires in areas where you would like to initiate a programme, or you could use it to help you prepare a printed directory of contacts for your members.

Regular use of the computer: Special rates will be available to associations which wish to make regular use of the system. You can subscribe in order to be sent information monthly or quarterly on new organizations or programmes in your field of interest. Alternatively, Inter-Contact can prepare the labels for the regular mailing of your newsletter, journal, meeting invita- tions, reports, or other material,

Opportunity to support: We believe that Inter-Contact offers you an opportu- nity to support a realistic programme which should contribute significantly to concrete progress in national and international development in you field of interest.

Prepare for the 1970s: The 1970s will be the start of an 'Information Era'. The stimulus of a more rapid flow of information will be of value to many associations. Inter-Contact offers a means of making early use of the sophis- ticated equipment and techniques which are required to handle the large amounts of information involved.

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