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What do we need from you? And how can we compensate you?

Description of a Proposed Information System to Facilitate Contact between Organizations (Part #5)

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Prom the above, you will understand that Inter-Contact can only succeed by collecting together information scattered through a multitude of directories and lists. This means a great deal of work. But in many cases, such is the current information problem, it would be impossible for us to locate all the relevant sources. It would be quite impossible for us to purchase all the directories in every speciality.

The first request that we make is, therefore, that you send us:

  • an up-to-date list giving the address of the Secretary or President of the groups or organizations which are members of your organization (in any sense of the word) Unfortunately, we cannot list more than one individual member per country, in the case of international asso- ciations .
  • any other organization contacts or sources of further information which are relevant to your field of interest or to which you think we should be able to refer inquirers.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: We well appreciate that in many countries, cul- tures or subject areas, some information is considered confidential. Some organizations do not wish to receive unsolicited material. Information is only gradually given freely. You will see (in section P) that we have made provision for this.

Once large numbers of addresses are on file, a great deal of work is required to keep them up-to-date, particularly in the case of the many associations with secretariats rotated between members. This is one of the factors which discouraged all previous attempts and produced the maze of unrelated specialist directories.

The second request that we make is therefore that you send us:

  • any change of address of your organization
  • changes of address of your member organizations or contacts
  • any new addresses which you think might be of interest to other groups interested in your field.

In exchange, we agree to perform a certain amount of free data processing: for you. Please contact us if you are interested in this or in any other use of our computer system

  • each year we will automatically send you a list of bodies opera- ting in your field of interest. The number of bodies in associa- ted fields which we include in the list will vary from year to year depending on the extent of support from fund allocating bodies currently interested in your area.
  • depending upon the amount of information that you send us, and the use made by others of that information, we make available to you at the end of each year a certain amount of free data processing time. This you can use to make contacts, send questionnaires or special issuesof your journal, etc. The amount of computer time allocated to you may be increased by a general subsidy to organizations in your area by a foundation. Any excess will be charged to you at cost.

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