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Who uses Inter-Contact?

Description of a Proposed Information System to Facilitate Contact between Organizations (Part #7)

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Inter-Contact was established as a world information directory analogous to the ordinary telephone directory and the 'Yellow Pages' directory. It may therefore be used by any organization or individual. Users are:

  • associations: location of contacts or potential members in re- lated subject or geographical areas; meeting invitations; report or periodical distribution; contact directory prepara- tion; crisis response; surveys; etc.
  • commercial enterprises: travel advertising; professional services advertising (meeting organizers, conference inter- preters or translators, audio-visual equipment manufacturers, etc.); journals sales campaigns; book publishers advertising; etc.
  • research groups: particularly in the field of international re- lations, may use the system to study the pattern of contacts bet- ween groups and organizations. This may lead to new insights in- to methods of meeting problem areas as they arise and increasing the effectiveness of the world information system.
  • national and international governmental agencies: aid in the ini- tiation of general programmes (e.g. International Cooperation Year), distribution of project and programme results, questionnaires, loca- tion of competent specialized associations when new problem areas necessitate advice. Governmental bodies may also copy sections of the address collection for their own computer distribution lists.
  • regular subscribers: kept informed of new organizations, pro- grammes or changes of address in a particular field of interest.
  • individuals wishing to make contact with sources of information in a particular area
  • any group wishing to determine the other sources of information in a particular areaprior to initiating a new programme, meeting, organization, or journal
  • foundations and fund-allocating bodies: concerned with a particu- lar problem area which wish to locate competent organizations in that area.