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What other information does Inter-Contact provide?

Description of a Proposed Information System to Facilitate Contact between Organizations (Part #9)

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We do not maintain files of data on each organization. We have neither the space, nor the resources to store the information and retrieve it for specific inquiries. All the information we have is indicated in section P.

We are aware that the name, address and field of interest of a large orga- nization is not very useful. Such organizations may have many sub-commissions, regional bodies, and working groups, because of the many projects with their own secretariats and programmes and a certain degree of autonomy. Such bodies are therefore also included.

In the same way, organizations are not the only channels and storage points for information. In some cases a journal, a bibliographical service or a regular meeting in effect replaces an organization or is of greater signifi- cance.

By including working parties, programmes and meetings,we make the whole system dynamic. Instead of simply finding out what the situation was like 12 months ago - you can obtain a picture of what is being done now in an area of interest, to you.

When the system is fully developed we hope to be able to show for any area of interest all the different types of organizations, groups, meetings, bib- liographical services, etc. which are concerned. This is the organizational network with which we are equipped to meet the future. In a period of rapid change, we believe that the world cannot afford a delay in organized response to crisis and unforeseen problems.