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World Problem Networks: as perceived by international organization networks


World Problem Networks
Objectives of the project
Structural analysis
Structural exploration
Points raised

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Paper presented on behalf of Mankind 2000 and the Union of International Associations to the 5th World Future Studies Conference (Dubrovnik, 1976) of the World Futures Studies Federation. Published in: World Alternatives -- Systems versus Needs: Future of education, Education towards the future. Rome WFSF, vol. 1, pp. 92-99


Brief report of the first results of an ongoing project which has so far registered some 2653 world problems and 13,574 relationships between them. This network is related to 12 other series relevant to the alleviation or comprehension of world problems, including : international organizations, treaties, disciplines, values, interdisciplinary concepts, and human development concepts. Current totals are : 12 ,763 entries, 20,022 intra-series relationships, and 10,433 inter-series relationships. The general objectives of the project are considered as well as the specificobjectives for the world problems section. This is followedby a summary of the results, approach used, and difficulties encountered. The information arising fromthis project is published from computer files in the Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential. The paper refers to sections of that publication for more extensive examination of the points raised.