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World Problem Networks: as perceived by international organization networks (Part #2)

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The project, known as the World Problems Project, was initiated in Brussels in 1972 as a joint project of the Union of International Associations and Mankind 2000. For the UIA (founded in 1910), it is a logical extension of its functions as 8 clearinghouse for information on the networks of international agencies and associations and their preoccupations in every field of activity. For Mankind 2000 (founded 1964), initiator of the series of International Futures Research Conferences, it is ameans of bringing, into focus its prime concern with the place and development of the human being in the emerging world society. Both are transnational, non-profit associations.

The project is conceived as an on joing process to clarify the representation of the following interlinked networks :

  • world problems
  • international organizations
  • multilateral treaties
  • intellectual disciplines
  • international periodicals
  • human values
  • interdisciplinary concepts
  • multinational corporations
  • economic sectors
  • traded commodities
  • human diseases
  • occupations
  • human devslopment concepts.

Both the relationships of itomc within these series and between these seriesare identified where possible and relevant. This information on computer files is used to produce the 1000-page Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential (Union of Inter-national Associations /Mankind 2000, 1976). The Yearbook is then used as a means of obtaining feedback to improve the representation of the networks represented therein.