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World Problem Networks: as perceived by international organization networks (Part #5)

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Alee of concern is the development of programmes to select and prepare the available date for plotting in map form under computer control. Such maps of networks of problems, and/or the networks of organizations, treaties, etc. concerned with t___, maywell provide a unique opportunity for obtaining a detailed overview of such networks to facilitate comprehension of the complexity which they represent. Such maps (perhaps bound into "atlases") could Be of value in detecting the emergence of further problems, in researcn, in education, and in a policy-making environment. They would be of value to problemfocused remedial programmes whore any given action may haveindirect negative consequences. Clearly it is also the use of such mapeby such bodies (049. as a mooting aid) which will lead to rapid feedback on any inadequacy in the representation of the networks portrayed. (For a more detailed discussion and references, see UIA/Mankind 2000, 1976, Appendix 7)