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Pseudo-Issues Paralyzing Transanational Association Action

Expanded version of a presentation to a colloquium of the UIA (Geneva, 9-10 November 1976) on the future of transnational associations within the new world order and published in International Associations, 1976, 28, 12, pp. 571-573 [PDF version]. An extended version was subsequently presented to a panel on evaluating and extending public participation in international organizations, at the 18th Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, 16-20 March 1977, St Louis (USA) and appeared under the title Practical Problems in Using the Potential in INGO Networks in Transnational Associations 32, 4, 1980, pp. 180-185 and in: The Future of Transnational Associations from the Standpoint of a New World Order Brussels, UIA, pp. 168-205. Also a French revised version in: Transnational Associations 32, 3, 1980, pp. 145-159.
Proliferation of NGOs
Efficiency and effectiveness
Diversity of interests and form
Western model
Headquarters in Western countries
Legal status
Lack of coordination
Political impact
Administrative problem
NGO naivety
The Challenge

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The issues are in no particular order :