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Future possibilities for facilitating achievement of full organizational potential

Futures Perspectives of International Organizations (Part #12)

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Given the recognized weakness of existing approaches to mobilizing individuals and organizations in support of action to alleviate world problems(c.f. UN Secretary General's 1973 report on the matter)

  • To what extent will it be possible to facilitate organizational creation, development, action and restructuring as a means of providing a non-directive, , non-exhortative stimulus to increased achievement of full organizational potential (whether at the international level or through overflow effects from national and subnational activity?)
  • What possibilities exist for facilitating such increased action and what may be the restrictions on their use ? For example: subsidized telephone and postal communications, tax relief (to organizations, staff, and funds suppliers), subsidized travel costs, subsidized office space, office management and administrative assistance alleviation of staff and operational legal restraints, assisted use of computers (for mailing and administration), etc.