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Lifestyle Interdependence, Context and Design

Paper presented to the European Workshop on Lifestyles and Social Change (Arc-et-Senans, France, September 1977) organized by the Association Internationale Futuribles
Lifestyle analysis
Lifestyle enrichment
Lifestyles and personality types
Lifestyle context
Lifestyle design
Community design
Social indicators

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The number and variety of problems recognized in society, and the extent of their interaction has already been widely reported (1). The complexity of the situation in terns of its representation for comprehension and the formulation of adequately responsive action is also the subject of continuing comment (2), as is the ineffectiveness of many seemingly useful forms of action (3) and the widespread alienation from institutions on the part of those whose Interests they are supposed to serve. These conditions are accompanied by an inability to evolve meeting processes within which viable action projects can emerge end acquire support (2,4), or to develop organizational networks adequate to the demands placed upon them (2).

In this environment there appears to be a tendency for Individuals to redefine their concerns in terms of their contribution to a viable lifestyle. The purpose of this paper is to explore briefly the nature of the Interdependence between lifestyles and the characteristics of the context within which a particular lifestyle is viable. It is hoped that this will suggest possibilities for using more sensitive social indicators and for a new approach to what might be called "lifestyle design".

ial indicators and for a new approach to what might be called "lifestyle design".