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Meeting-type events (7.1.7)

Organization Terminology and Organization Types (Part #12)

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A single meeting held under the auspices of an international body, tends (if it is especially large) to take on the form of an organization. Since the duration of such " organizations "is never more than 1 to 5 years, depending on the preparatory and follow-up period required, it is not usual to consider such bodies as organizations in their own right, although from a social, political, budgetary and legal point of view this could well be argued. Even a meeting of (rather than " under the auspices of ") an organization can be considered an independent organization.

" Certain people do not agree that a Congress is an independent entity existing only for the duration of the Congress. They consider that a Congress is more often an organ or an activity of a permanent international organization. Nevertheless, it is necessary to bear in mind the legal question -- the problem of the responsibility of the pomoters of the congress in case of accident, fire and liability for damages. In order to clearly define the limits of responsibility as regards the meeting-place, the time and those in charge, both locally and internationally, it seems, necessary to consider a congress as an independent legal entity which exists for a determined length of time ", (G.P. Speeckaert. The Various Types of International Meetings... Brussels, U.I.A., 1967, p. 8).

Events of this type include :

  • meetings
  • exhibitions          
  • shows
  • events                       
  • games                  
  • trade fairs

Examples worth considering are :

  • World Youth Forum (organized as an activity of the United Nations)
  • Olympic Games
  • International trade fairs and their relation, in some cases, to such bodies as
  • Commonwealth Games Federation (A0198)
  • International Olympic Committee (A2303)
  • World Ploughing Organization (A3573) and contests
  • Federation of International Music Competitions (A0948)
  • European Association of Music Festivals (A0572)
  • International Exhibition Bureau (A1819)
  • Union of International Fairs (A3354)