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Programmes/projects (7.1.8)

Organization Terminology and Organization Types (Part #13)

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There are many examples of organizations which can be considered as programme bound in some way possibly because of special political or funding problems. These can be grouped as follows :

  • Programme :      
    • World Food Programme (33543)
    • United  Nations  Development   Programme (B3382)
    • United   Nations   Environment   Programme (B4161)
    • Special   Committee   for   the   lnternational Biological Programme (B3262)
    • Colombo    Plan    Council   for   Cooperative Economic   Development   in S and  SE Asie (A0281)
  • Campaign :        
    • Freedom from Hunger Campaign (FAQ)
    • Campaign for A World Constituent Assembly (40205)
    • International Committee of Crusade of the Blind (B0271)
  • Project :              
    • OECD High Temperature (Dragon) Reactor Project
    • OECD (Halden) Reactor Project Project Concern (B0567)
  • Survey :
    • World Fertility Survey (B3067)
    • Association of African Geological Surveys (A0116)
  • Fund :                 
    • International Monetary Fund (A2266)
    • United Nations Childrens Fund (B3380)
    • International Defence. Aid Fund for Southern Africa (A4333)
    • World Widlife Fund (A3603)
  • Emblem :
    • Association  for  International  Cotton  Emblem (B0101)
  • Register :           
    • International   Registry   of   World   Citizens (A2409)
    • International   Association   for   the   Rhine Ships Register (A1231)
  • Prize: 
    • International Lenin  Peace  Prize Committee (B2819)
    • Standing Committee for Nobel Peace Prize Winners' Congresses (B3275)
    • International Commission for the Eriksson Prize Fund (B1531)
  • System :
    • Suez Canal Users Association (B3302)
    • Taurus Express Conference (B3308)
    • Honeywell Large Systems Users Association Europe (B4420)
    • World Science Information System (B4668)
    • Southern    European    Pipeline    Company (B4619)
    • Intelstat (A2627), Intersputnik (B0760) Eurovision (A0590), Intervision (B0755)
  • Periodical :        
    • International Ursigram World Days Service (B4061)
    • International Union for the Publication of Customs Tariffs (A2674)
  • Exchange :
    • European Commodities Exchange (B3612)
    • European   Association  for  the   Exchange of Technical Literature in the Field of Ferrous Metallurgy (A0558)
  • Stocks :
    • Commonwealth  Collection  of Micro-organisms (B3022)
    • International Eye Bank International Board for Plant Genetic Resources (B3150).

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