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Organizations (7.1.9)

Organization Terminology and Organization Types (Part #14)

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A large organization may create bodies to undertake specific activities. The political, legal, and financial circumstances under which such bodies are established may render them relatively autonomous even though links to the parent body are maintained. Typical activities include :

  • information centre
  • training college
  • library                                
  • laboratory advisory service               
  • research institute
  • museum                             
  • educational academy

Other bodies, with the same level of preoccupation, may be created under a variety of circumstances such that the relation to the creating body or bodies becomes tenuous or of   limited   significance.   Such   organizations,   particularly when active at one physical location only, differ somewhat (especially in terms of the status of membership) from conventional international bodies.

Use of a generalized meeting/organization framework to classify organization types (and to map their structural components)

(Portions of several such diagrams could be shaded as appropriate to facilitate comparison of complex structures.)

Information :      

  • International  Tsunami  Information  Centre (A2646)
  • International Time Bureau (B4062)
  • International    Food    Information    Service (B2731)
  • Commonwealth   Legal   Advisory   Service (B0097)
  • Afro-Asian Employment Service International Scientific Film Library (A2437)

Research :

  • International Rice Research Institute (A2417)
  • European Southern Observatory (B3947)
  • Asian Conservation Laboratory (B1663)
  • International Centre for Theoretical  Physics     (B2724)
  • International Computation Centre (A1645)

Education :        

  • Asian Trade Union College
  • International  Centre for Advanced  Technical and Vocational Training (A2186)
  • International Diplomatic Academy (A1793)
  • European University Institute (B3293)
  • College of Europe
Configuration of organization types
Configuration of organization types

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