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Organization Terminology and Organization Types (Part #2)

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Intergovernmental organizations are, by definition, centred on an international treaty or agreement. In some cases the name of the treaty may be embodied into the name of the organization.

  • General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (A0985)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (A3005)

Another group intimately linked to international legal questions is that of courts and tribunals (I.B.)

  • International Court of Justice (A3379)
  • European Court of Human Rights (A0438)
  • Permanent Court of Arbitration (A3107)
  • Nuclear Energy Tribunal (B4644)

A final group, specially governed by treaty provisions, is that of military and control authorities (I.C.) :

  • Allied Control Authority for Germany (B0042)
  • Security Council (B3376)
  • International Supervisory and Control Commission for Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
  • International Authority for the Ruhr (B1385)
  • East Caribbean Caribbean Currency Authority (A0477)