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Conference Commissions (2.1.1)

Organization Terminology and Organization Types (Part #4)

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Such general conferences when they occur may give rise to commissions of the conference which meet in the intervening months or years between sessions of the conference and possibly during it. In practice such commissions are either given or acquire a fair degree of autonomy. It may therefore happen that although the (periodic) conference does not constitute an organization in its own right, the commission may take on a more or less permanent organizational form. The number of members is generally limited and their selection is made according to rules established by the conference (or body) by which it was created and to which it reports. In some cases the commission may be created by a conference which is not held again.

  • International Commission for Bee Botany (A1522)
  • International    Commission    for    Northwest    Atlantic Fisheries (A1537)
  • Standing Commission for International Congresses on the History of Religion (B 3787)
  • Permanent Commission of International Congresses of Home Hygiene (B3094).