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Council (3.1)

Organization Terminology and Organization Types (Part #7)

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A general conference may elect or appoint a

  • council
  • governing
  • council
  • governing
  • body

This is a body which tends to be large (relative to the executive body) because it is fairly representative of the general conference and is able to exercise certain of its powers. Again the conference itself may or may not be held periodically or constitute a permanent organization.

  • World Council of Churches (A35Q1)
  • Council of Europe (A0435)
  • Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (A0432)
  • Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations (A0413)
  • International Social Science Council (A2466)
  • Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (B3377)

In complex organizations, the council may create its own commissions, committees and joint bodies with external organizations. This may also occur regionally, or in terms of some special concern of the council (see Diagram for breakdown). There is confusion between use of " council "and " commission "or " committee "as defined in the previous and following sections.