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In Search of Transformational Pathways: bibliography of studies conductedfrom 1962 to 1981


In Search of Transformational Pathways
A. Facilitation and general questions
B. Data collections and bibliographies
C. Communication and information systems
D. Classification
E. Innovation, alternatives, constraints and the future
F. Networks and networking
G. Graphics, mapping and Forms of presentation
H. Tensional integrity (tensegrity)
I. Integrative comprehension

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Studies under the auspices of the Union of International Associations and Mankind 2000.
Printed in Transnational Associations, 1981, 4, pp. 251-259 [PDF version]. Copies of most of the papers listed are available from this site.


In the light of the arguments put forward in some of the studies by Anthony Judge in this bibliography it would be inconsistent to present the bibliography as a simple list. Inspired therefore by cybernetician Stafford Beer's approach to this problem in his recent book (The Heart of Enterprise. Wiley, 1980). the items in the bibliography are ordered in terms of the concentric circles and sectors of the diagram below.

More recent studies tend to be located towards the centre, reflecting the evolution from the earlier interests. Within each category (e.g. G.2 Graphics/Meetings), items are ordered strictly In terms of date of publication.

This approach is strongly related to that envisaged in the Hows wall-display technique (see G.2) and will be developed into the tensegrity forms envisaged in the metaconferencing paper (see E.2).

Papers are clustered below according to circle and sector (eg B.1: Data/Organizations)
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Clustering of papers by circle and sector Facilitation / Human development

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