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Research Network on Catalytic Imagery for governance in impossible situations


Research Network on Catalytic Imagery
Challenges to governance
Complementary initiatives
Annex 1: Bibliographical references
Annex 2: Beyond the Constraints of Text
Annex 3: Meshing Imaginative Vision and Policy Implementability: the role of metaphor as a vital cognitive interface
Annex 4: Research Background
Annex 5: Focus of Research
Annex 6: Institutional arrangements
Annex 7: Comveying Earth Summit Insights
Annex 8: Formal Structure of Declarations: Challenge and Opportunity
A. Constraints:
B. Challenges to Presentation
C. Clues to Formal Properties
Annex 9: Conceptual Keystone Design: a computer-based structural "outliner"

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It is proposed that a network should be established to link a limited number of individuals, groups and institutions. The focus would be on the selection and elaboration of imagery capable of facilitating comprehension of richer conceptual patterns. The concern would be to identity patterns (or their design characteristics) which could provide the necessary conceptual scaffolding to interrelate essentially opposing positions critical to the support of effective governance.

A central concern would be the identification of imagery to give coherence to the more complex structures appropriate to sustainable development. Other areas of concern would include richer patterns capable of offering coherence to geopolitical groupings vulnerable to fragmentation (Europe, USSR, Canada, Middle East). The work would focus on the global level (including imagery to sustain a "new world order") as well as on the local level (notably to offer new images of structures to relate opposing minorities).