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Adams Jr, Reginald B.

  • [2013]  Inside Jokes: using humor to reverse-engineer the mind. MIT Press, 2013 (Hurley, Matthew M. / Dennett, Daniel C. / Adams$Jr, Reginald B.)
  • [2011]  Inside Jokes: using humor to reverse engineer the mind. MIT Press, 2011 [summary] (Hurley, Matthew M. / Dennett, Daniel C. / Adams$Jr, Reginald B.)

Kairos documents referencing any of the above

[2015]:  Marrying Strategic White Holes with Problematic Black Holes Questionable role of officiants in the engagement process and nuptial arrangements [Refs]

[2014]:  Quantum Wampum Essential to Navigating Ragnarok Thrival in crisis through embodying turbulent flow [Refs]

[2014]:  The-O Ring and The Bull Ring as Spectacular Archetypes Dramatic correlation of theatre, theory, theorem, theology, and theosophy [Refs]

[2014]:  Reimagining Tesla's Creativity through Technomimicry Psychosocial empowerment by imagining charged conditions otherwise [Refs]

[2014]:  Now as the Ultimate Cognitive Strange Attractor A continuing invitation down the rabbit hole ? [Refs]

[2013]:  Forthcoming Major Revolution in Global Dialogue Challenging new world order of interactive communication [Refs]

[2013]:  Affinity, Diaspora, Identity, Reunification, Return Reimagining possibilities of engaging with place and time [Refs]

[2012]:  In Quest of a Dynamic Pattern of Transformations Sensing the strange attractor of an emerging Rosetta Stone [Refs]

[2011]:  Strategic Complexity 8 Attracting Consensus Klein is beautiful 8Sustaining identity in time [Refs]