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Post-UN Alliance of Nations?

Explores possibility of enhancing the proposal of Dr Matthias Rath.

Post-UN Alliance of Nations?
Comment on process

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A full-page "open letter" advertisement was placed by Dr Matthias Rath in the New York Times (30 June 2004) and in the International Herald Tribune (3 July 2004). It was entitled "The United Nations Committed Suicide...Now the People of the World Must Build the Alliance of Nations". It states that: "With its decision made on June 8, 2004 to authorize a US-led military occupation, the UN Security Council retrospectively approved the Iraq War. With this decision the UN Security Council destroyed its own code of international law, the UN Charter and thereby, the very basis for the UN's existence." [see full text]

In calling for an Alliance of Nations, the text offers a Preamble and a set of 14 Purposes and Principles entitled as follows:

  1. The Goals
  2. Equal Rights for All People
  3. Equal Rights for All Nations: One Country -- One Vote
  4. People before Profits
  5. Benefits of Peace and Prosperity
  6. Eliminating the Gap Between Poor and Rich Countries
  7. Health for All -- by Eradicating Today's Most Common Diseases
  8. Terminating the Investment "Business With Disease"
  9. Energy for All
  10. Comprehensive System of International Law
  11. Peaceful Settling of Conflicts
  12. International Security System
  13. Disarmament as a Goal
  14. Seat of the Alliance of Nations

Matthias Rath is to be congratulated for taking this positive initiative and for pointing so vigorously to a way forward. The comments which follow are an exercise in pointing to the need for enriching the proposal by careful attention to some vital details -- in the light of many past efforts to explore alternatives and to reform the existing system.