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Organizational Apartheid

Who needs whom in the Second United Nations Development Decade (1970-1980) ? (Part #1)

1. Introduction
Current Situation
Scope of Management Problem
Interaction between UN and non-UN Networks
Organizational Apartheid?
Problems Currently Treated on an ad hoc Basis
Implications of the Distinction between Management Techniques and Administrative Techniques
Implications of the Distinction between Documentation and Management Information
8. Economical Solution to the Global Management Information Problem.
Advantages of a Network File Organization

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Reprinted from International Associations, 1969, 10 [PDF version] [UIA Study Papers INF/1]
An earlier version was distributed the title :
"Need for a world management information network to assist initiation and coordination of global development programmes".
[together with appendices exploring the practical problems and implications of the proposed information system]

1. Introduction

This note has been prepared in order to stress the need for further attention to one aspect of the plans currently under discussion within the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies to improve global development strategy and coordination. These have taken the form of investigations of ways to improve the operation of individual agencies and their coordination. Detailed discussions have taken place through many bodies including the :

  • Administrative Committee on Coordination
    • ACC computer users' committee
    • ACC inter-agency working party on indexing and documentation
    • ACC inter-agency study group on evaluation of technical cooperation programmes
    • ACC consultative committee on administrative questions.
  • Ecosoc Expanded Committee for Programme and Coordination.
  • U.N. General Assembly Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions.
  • Individual agency :
    • management committees
    • data processing committees.
  • United Nations Development Programme.
  • United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

This note suggests that agencies face an information and coordination problem which is an integral part of that of other international and national organizations and that the only effective long-term solution is one based on an assessment of the management information requirements of all organizations in the face of global problems.

f the management information requirements of all organizations in the face of global problems.

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