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Attali, Jacques

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  • [2011]  Demain qui gouvernera le monde? Fayard, 2011
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  • [1977]  Bruits. Presses Universitaires de France, 1977

Kairos documents referencing any of the above

[2016]:  Reversing the Anthem of Europe to Signal Distress Transcending crises of governance via reverse music and reverse speech? [Refs]

[2016]:  Engaging with Hyperreality through Demonique and Angelique? Mnemonic clues to global governance from mathematical theology and hyperbolic tessellation [Refs]

[2015]:  International Community as God or Sorcerer's Apprentice? Strategic chaos in the absence of an interlocking temporal pattern of longer-term cyclic processes [Refs]

[2014]:  Reimagining Tesla's Creativity through Technomimicry Psychosocial empowerment by imagining charged conditions otherwise [Refs]

[2013]:  World Futures Conference as Catastrophic Question From performance to morphogenesis and transformation [Refs]

[2013]:  Eliciting a Universe of Meaning Within a global information society of fragmenting knowledge and relationships [Refs]

[2012]:  Middle East Peace Potential through Dynamics in Spherical Geometry Engendering connectivity from incommensurable 5-fold and 6-fold conceptual frameworks [Refs]

[2011]:  Ungovernability of Sustainable Global Democracy? Towards engaging appropriately with time [Refs]

[2011]:  Monkeying with Global Governance Emergent dynamics of three wise monkeys in a knowledge-based society [Refs]

[2011]:  Gruesome but Necessary: Global governance in the 21st Century? Extreme normality as indicator of systemic negligence [Refs]

[2011]:  Tomorrow, Who Will Govern the World?: Review Commentary on Jacques Attali's Demain, qui gouvernera le monde? [Refs]

[2010]:  Enacting Transformative Integral Thinking through Playful Elegance A Symposium at the End of the Universe? [Refs]

[2009]:  Existential Embodiment of Externalities Radical cognitive engagement with environmental categories and disciplines [Refs]

[2006]:  Cyclopean Vision vs Poly-sensual Engagement  [Refs]

[2006]:  A Singable Earth Charter, EU Constitution or Global Ethic? [Refs]

[2001]:  Structuring Mnemonic Encoding of Development Plans and Ethical Charters using Musical Leitmotivs [Refs]

[1997]:  Dancing through Interfaces and Paradoxes: group alchemy Group alchemy in the Empty Red Centre [Refs]

[1996]:  Cultivating the Songlines of the Noosphere: Report From presentations by representatives to embodying presence in transformation [Refs]

[1994]:  Policy Options for Civil Society through Complementary Contrasts [Refs]

[1991]:  Participative Democracy vs. Participative Drama: lessons on social transformation for international organizations from Gorbachev [Refs]

[1987]:  Governance Through Metaphor [Refs]

[1984]:  African Language and African Styles of Organization Beyond Eurocentrism and the Western organizational model [Refs]

[1983]:  Development through Alternation [Refs]

[1982]:  Development as Discontinuous Societal Learning: Cyclic transformation of the global answer economy [Refs]

[1980]:  Societal Learning and the Erosion of Collective Memory: References [Refs]

[1980]:  Liberation of Integration through pattern, oscillation, harmony and embodiment [Refs]

[1979]:  Groupware Configurations of Challenge and Harmony: an alternative approach to alternative organization An alternative approach to alternative organization'' [Refs]