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Attitude Entrainment: Communicating thrival skills and insights


Attitude Entrainment
Indicative examples of "attitude"
Conventional approaches to communicating appropriate "attitude"
Research on "attitude"
Attitude entrainment

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Much is made of the acquisition of the skills necessary for survival and success in modern society. The skills on which emphasis is placed may include the full range of technical skills that are explicitly valued by employers on a curriculum vitae. They may include certain loosely defined qualities like leadership skills for which particular forms of training are available. On the other hand the emphasis may be placed on "experience" or "maturity".

The concern in what follows, however, is with the communication and acquisition of "attitude" understood as a precursor of skill acquisition and an essential quality in the successful use of any other kinds of skill. The focus is on the nature of the attitude that tends to be fundamental to thrival -- often irrespective of the possession of more formally recognized skills, notably those for which certificates can be acquired. These attitudinal skills may be as significant to "success" in a conventional monetary and career advancement sense as they are to thriving under the most modest conditions -- or those in which the recognition of others may be absent, or limited to the simplest forms of appreciation.