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Beer, Stafford

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Kairos documents referencing any of the above

[2016]:  Concordian Mandala as a Symbolic Nexus Insights from dynamics of a pentagonal configuration of nonagons in 3D [Refs]

[2016]:  Improvisation in Multivocal Poetic Discourse Basque lauburu and bertsolaritza as catalysts of global significance [Refs]

[2016]:  Variety of System Failures Engendered by Negligent Distinctions Mnemonic clues to 72 modes of viable system failure from a demonic pattern language [Refs]

[2016]:  Con-quest Aesthetically Reframed via the Concordian Mandala Inspired by implications of the systemantics of the Discordian Mandala [Refs]

[2016]:  Evoking Castalia as Envisaged, Entoned and Embodied -- informed by the bertsolitaria process ? The great game informed by the bertsolaritza cultural process? [Refs]

[2016]:  Destabilizing Multipolar Society through Binary Decision-making Alternatives to 2-stroke democracy suggested by 4-sided ball games [Refs]

[2015]:  Optimizing Web Surfing Pathways for the Overloaded Polyhedral insights from the travelling salesman problem of operations research [Refs]

[2015]:  Embodying Strategic Self-reference in a World Futures Conference Transcending the wicked problem engendered by projecting negativity elsewhere [Refs]

[2015]:  Memetic Analogue to the 20 Amino Acids as vital to Psychosocial Life? Number 37 as indicative of fruitful pathways of transformation? [Refs]

[2015]:  Correlating a Requisite Diversity of Metaphorical Patterns Entuning the dynamic of cognitive eases and diseases [Refs]

[2015]:  Global Psychosocial Implication in the Pentagramma Mirificum Clues from spherical geometry to getting around and circumnavigating imaginatively [Refs]

[2015]:  Embodying Global Hegemony through a Sustaining Pattern of Discourse Cognitive challenge of dominion over all one surveys [Refs]

[2015]:  Future Conference Organization as a Wicked Problem? Self-referential upgrading of obsolete conference processes inhibiting emergence of integrative knowledge [Refs]

[2015]:  Enhancing Strategic Discourse Systematically using Climate Metaphors Widespread comprehension of system dynamics in weather patterns as a resource [Refs]

[2014]:  Representation of Creative Processes through Dynamics in Three Dimensions Global insight from spherical reframing of mandalas, the zodiac and the enneagram [Refs]

[2014]:  Reimagining Tesla's Creativity through Technomimicry Psychosocial empowerment by imagining charged conditions otherwise [Refs]

[2014]:  Systemic Reliance of World Religions on Human Sacrifice Covert use of fatal conflict to ensure vital resource management [Refs]

[2014]:  Imagining Order as Hypercomputing Operating an information engine through meta-analogy [Refs]

[2014]:  Implication of the 12 Knights in any Strategic Round Table Each circulating globally in quest of sustainability and immortality [Refs]

[2014]:  Adhering to God's Plan in a Global Society Serious problems framed by the Pope from a transfinite perspective [Refs]

[2014]:  Correspondences between Traditional Constellations and Pattern Languages Requisite simplexity for sustainable comprehension of complexity [Refs]

[2014]:  Anticipating When Blackbirds Sing Chinese Conversion from tweets to songbites to ensure integrity of communication [Refs]

[2014]:  Transcending an Asystemic View of Life Review of The Systems View of Life: a unifying vision [Refs]

[2014]:  Now as the Ultimate Cognitive Strange Attractor A continuing invitation down the rabbit hole ? [Refs]

[2013]:  Reimagining Principles Enabling an Existential Ecostery Engendering out-of-the-box awareness and its transformation [Refs]

[2013]:  Law and Order vs. Lore and Orders? Imagining otherwise the forceful engagement of singularity with plurality [Refs]

[2013]:  Internyet Nescience Self-referential upgrading of obsolete Internet conference processes inhibiting emergence of integrative knowledge [Refs]

[2012]:  Transcending Simplistic Binary Contractual Relationships What is hindering their exploration? [Refs]

[2012]:  Imaginative Reconfiguration of a post-Apocalyptic Global Civilization Engaging cognitively with the illusion of the End of the World [Refs]

[2012]:  Engendering 2052 through Re-imagining the Present Review of 2052: a Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years as presented to the Club of Rome [Refs]

[2012]:  Enabling Wisdom Dynamically within Intertwined Tori Requisite resonance in global knowledge architecture [Refs]

[2012]:  Convergence of 30 Disabling Global Trends Mapping the social climate change engendering a perfect storm [Refs]

[2012]:  Experience of Cognitive Implication in Fundamental Geometry Unexamined metaphoric framing of strategic discourse [Refs]

[2012]:  Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness? Embodying the Geometry of Fundamental Cognitive Dynamics [Refs]

[2012]:  Transforming and Interweaving the Ways of Being Stoned Imagination, Promise, Rocks, Memorials, Petrification [Refs]

[2012]:  Middle East Peace Potential through Dynamics in Spherical Geometry Engendering connectivity from incommensurable 5-fold and 6-fold conceptual frameworks [Refs]

[2012]:  Transforming the Art of Conversation Conversing as the transformative science of development [Refs]

[2011]:  Ungovernability of Sustainable Global Democracy? Towards engaging appropriately with time [Refs]

[2011]:  Implication of Toroidal Transformation of the Crown of Thorns: Design challenge to enable integrative comprehension Design challenge to enable integrative comprehension of global dynamics [Refs]

[2011]:  Reintegration of a Remaindered World Cognitive recycling of objects of systemic neglect [Refs]

[2011]:  Eliciting a 12-fold Pattern of Generic Operational Insights Recognition of memory constraints on collective strategic comprehension [Refs]

[2011]:  Topological Clues to a Memorable 12-fold Systemic Pattern [Refs]

[2011]:  Engendering a Psychopter through Biomimicry and Technomimicry Insights from the Process of Helicopter Development [Refs]

[2011]:  Mind Map of Global Civilizational Collapse Why Nothing is Happening in Response to Global Challenges [Refs]

[2011]:  ¿ Higher Education ∞ Meta-education ? Transforming cognitive enabling processes increasingly unfit for purpose [Refs]

[2011]:  Strategic Complexity 8 Attracting Consensus Klein is beautiful 8Sustaining identity in time [Refs]

[2011]:  Systemic Biomimicry of Dinosaurs by Multinational Corporations Clearing the Ground for Future Psychosocial Evolution [Refs]

[2011]:  Enabling a 12-fold Pattern of Dialogue for Governance [Refs]

[2010]:  From Changing the Strategic Game to Changing the Strategic Frame Missing cognitive possibility in changing the system not the planet [Refs]

[2010]:  Warp and Weft of Future Governance Ninefold interweaving of incommensurable threads of discourse [Refs]

[2010]:  Harmony-Comprehension and Wholeness-Extending Eliciting psychosocial transformational principles from design [Refs]

[2010]:  Enacting Transformative Integral Thinking through Playful Elegance A Symposium at the End of the Universe? [Refs]

[2009]:  Geometry of Thinking for Sustainable Global Governance Cognitive Implication of Synergetics [Refs]

[2009]:  Enabling Strategies for Viable Futures [Refs]

[2008]:  Polyhedral Pattern Language: Software facilitation of emergence, representation and transformation of psycho-social organization [Refs]

[2008]:  Institutionalized Shunning of Overpopulation Challenge: incommunicability of fundamentally inconvenient truth [Refs]

[2008]:  Polyhedral Empowerment of Networks through Symmetry: psycho-social implications for organization and global governance [Refs]

[2008]:  Polyhedral Representation of Conference Dynamics: integrative configuration of panelists, dialogues, topics and threads [Refs]

[2008]:  Towards Polyhedral Global Governance: complexifying oversimplistic strategic metaphors [Refs]

[2008]:  Climate Change and the Elephant in the Living Room In quest of an endangered species [Refs]

[2008]:  In Quest of Optimism Beyond the Edge: through avoidance of the answering process [Refs]

[2007]:  Psychosocial Energy from Polarization: within a cyclic pattern of Enantiodromia [Refs]

[2007]:  From ECHELON to NOLEHCE: enabling a strategic conversion to a faith-based global brain [Refs]

[2007]:  Potential Psychosocial Significance of Monstrous Moonshine: an exceptional form of symmetry as a Rosetta stone for cognitive frameworks [Refs]

[2004]:  Attitude Entrainment: Communicating thrival skills and insights [Refs]

[2003]:  Evoking Authenticity: through polyhedral global configuration of local paradoxes [Refs]

[2001]:  Simulating a Global Brain: using networks of international organizations, world problems, strategies, and values [Refs]

[2001]:  Personal Globalization [Refs]

[2000]:  And When the Bombing Stops? Territorial conflict as a challenge to mathematicians [Refs]

[2000]:  Enhancing the Quality of Knowing through Integration of East-West metaphors [Refs]

[1998]:  Living Differences as a basis for Sustainable Community: Designing a difference engine Ecosystemics of designing, configuring and driving a difference engine to avoid quenching enthusiasm, magic and the life of the spirit [Refs]

[1996]:  From Information Highways to Songlines of the Noosphere: Global configuration of hypertext pathways as a prerequisite for meaningful collective transformation [Refs]

[1996]:  Cultivating the Songlines of the Noosphere: Report From presentations by representatives to embodying presence in transformation [Refs]

[1995]:  Sustainable Dialogue as a Necessary Template for Sustainable Global Community [Refs]

[1995]:  Strategic Correspondences: computer-aided insight scaffolding [Refs]

[1994]:  Transdisciplinarity-3 as the Emergence of Patterned Experience (Part II) Transcending duality as the conceptual equivalent of learning to walk (Part II) [Refs]

[1994]:  Mathematical Challenge for Systems Science [Refs]

[1994]:  Spherical Configuration of Categories to Reflect Systemic Patterns of Environmental Checks and Balances [Refs]

[1993]:  Metaphor as a Language for Global Governance [Refs]

[1993]:  Insights evoked by intractable international differences Part II: Insights evoked by intractable international differences [Refs]

[1993]:  Using Disagreements for Superordinate Frame Configuration [Refs]

[1992]:  Using Disagreements for Superordinate Frame Configuration [Refs]

[1980]:  Why Systems Fail and Problems Sprout Anew Commentary on the principles of Systemantics' [Refs]

[1980]:  Metaconferencing: discovering people / viewpoint networks in conferences [Refs]

[1978]:  Transcending Duality through Tensional Integrity: From systems-versus-networks to tensegrity organization Part 2: From systems-versus-networks to tensegrity organization [Refs]

[1978]:  Assessing the Impact of International Associations [Refs]

[1977]:  Growth and Impact of International Associations and their Networks: Extended version [Refs]

[1977]:  Organizational Forms in Response to Complexity [Refs]

[1976]:  World Problem Networks: as perceived by international organization networks [Refs]

[1974]:  The Harmony of Interaction and the Facilitation of Network Processes [Refs]

[1972]:  The Nature of Organization in Transnational Networks [Refs]

[1972]:  Acquisition and Organization of International Documentation Introductory Report [Refs]

[1971]:  Inter-organizational data and data bank design [Refs]

[1971]:  Computer-aided Visualization of Psycho-social Structures Peace as an evolving balance of conceptual and organizational relationships [Refs]

[1969]:  General Systems, Education and the relevance of world system data banks and the Inter-Contact technique [Refs]