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Varieties of Rebirth

Distinguishing ways of being born again (Part #1)

This document provides a structured overview of the variety of web resources concerned with rebirth in some form. It provides links to a separate document, an annex, offering brief excerpts from such resources or introducing them: Web Resources on Being "Born Again": Annex to Varieties of Rebirth (2004). The materials were gathered for a separate study: Strategic Opportunities of the Twice Born: reflections on systemic camouflage of mass deception (2004).

A. Cultural rebirth (renaissance, aesthetic birth, mytho-poesis)

B. Socio-religious rebirth (birthright, destiny, reincarnation, socal status, ceremony, ritual, group affiliation, games, sports)

C. Psycho-behavioural rebirth (sin-to-virtue, changing patterns of consumption, conversion)

D. Developmental rebirth (education, perspective, initiation, cultural creativity, individuation)

E. Therapeutical rebirth (release from trauma, mentors, self-help, discipleship)

F. Cognitive perspective (metacognition, critical thinking, philosophy, aesthetic sensibility, orders of thinking, systematics, orders of abstraction, disciplines of action)

G. Experiential rebirth (operacy, flow, embodiment of mind, speaking with God, born-again, possession, psychedelic experience, embodiment in song, spiritual rebirth)

Cultural rebirth
Socio-religious rebirth
Psycho-behavioural rebirth
Developmental rebirth
Therapeutical rebirth
Cognitive perspective
Experiential rebirth
Perspectives for the understanding of forms of rebirth

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There are a number of threads that indicate quite different senses of being "born again". These threads may interweave to reinforce each other -- or may reflect contrasting, even incommensurable, understandings or experiences. In a larger multi-dimensional scheme all these threads may together constitute a larger fabric of insight to which humanity has yet only partial access.

The threads or clusters explored are tentatively ordered in terms of increasing experiential implications for the individual. Two "paths" may be distinguished to relate the clusters

ications for the individual. Two "paths" may be distinguished to relate the clusters

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