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Imagination, Resolution, Emergence, Realization and Embodiment

Iterative comprehension ordered via the dynamics of the Mandelbrot set (Part #1)

Annex 3 to Sustainability through the Dynamics of Strategic Dilemmas
in the light of the coherence and visual form of the Mandelbrot set

Progressive "embodiment" of M-set through iteration
Differentiating features within the M-set by colour
Iterative comprehension of the M-set as an ordering template

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The concern in this Annex to Sustainability through the Dynamics of Strategic Dilemmas is to indicate features associated with the Mandelbrot set (hereafter the M-set) in order to point to their significance in configuring complex experience -- rather than in describing natural phenomena, as is normally the case. The assumption is that the features offer templates for innovative thinking in response to highly divisive strategic and value dilemmas. An assumption is also made that the mind is uniquely capable of undertaking operations that explore the features of complex spaces such as those with which the M-set is associated. Note that contextual arguments and references are provided in the main paper.

provided in the main paper.