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Identifying meta-challenges: checklists and documents

Embodiment of Change: Comprehension, Traction and Impact? (Part #3)

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Any effort to elaborate such "meta-challenges" -- as below -- is of course subject to many of these constraints. The items are listed primarily to indicate the nature of the issues, merely by scanning the document titles -- irrespective of whether any particular issues are considered to merit further exploration.

Checklists variously framed: These highlight the nature of questions which are typically avoided in considering future possibilities:

Denial and question avoidance: These offer various approaches to the nature of denial:

Misplaced optimism regarding governance and systemic negligence: These explore assumptions regarding misplaced confidence in existing methods:

Neglected issues in dialogue, facilitation and game-playing: These highlight assumptions regarding expectations from dialogue as currently framed

Possibilities of anticipating and reframing disagreement: Differences of opinion typically emerge and tend to undermine the coherence of global initiatives.

Neglected conventional cognitive traps: These highlight inadequately explored cognitive issues undermining framing of strategies

Unexamined implications of the requisite complexity of "new thinking" in response to strategic obsolescence:

Unquestioned assumptions regarding forms of presentation of conclusions: These highlight issues relating to the uptake of proposals or indifference to them

Humouristic and poetic summaries: These endeavour to highlight the current tragedy by unconventional means

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