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Embodiment of Change: Comprehension, Traction and Impact? (Links To-K)

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[2018]:  Club of Rome Reports and Bifurcations: a 50-year overview (Parts=7+Refs)

[2016]:  Disastrous Floods as Indicators of Systemic Risk Neglect: Explores systemic learnings to be derived from response to flooding. (Parts=13+Refs)

[2010]:  From Changing the Strategic Game to Changing the Strategic Frame: Possibility of changing thinking patterns as a key to planetary change (Parts=7+Refs)

[2010]:  Sustaining a Community of Strange Loops (Parts=4)

[2010]:  Enabling Collective Intelligence in Response to Emergencies (Parts=9)

[2010]:  Engaging with the Inexplicable, the Incomprehensible and the Unexpected: Explores individual capacity to respond strategically to the incomprehensible and the unexpected.. (Parts=22+Refs)

[2010]:  In Quest of Facilitation -- Beyond the Facile: Reinterprets a symposium on integrative frameworks as a potentially artful exercise. (Parts=)

[2010]:  Enacting Transformative Integral Thinking through Playful Elegance: Reinterprets a symposium on integrative frameworks as a potentially artful exercise. (Parts=15+Refs)

[2010]:  Insights for the Future from the Change of Climate in Copenhagen: Proposes questions to elicit learnings from the Copenhagen process. (Parts=7)

[2009]:  Global Strategic Alternatives for the 21st Century?: Visual caricatures of contrasting design perspectives on the challenges of governance. (Parts=)

[2009]:  Emerging Memetic Singularity in the Global Knowledge Society: Checklist of memetic constraints on emergence of a coherent response to global crisis. (Parts=6+Refs)

[2009]:  Sets and their Settings: from development to climate change: Adaptation of the 1976 Development Set poem, highlighting its insights for climate change. (Parts=)

[2009]:  Recognizing the Psychosocial Boundaries of Remedial Action (Parts=8)

[2009]:  Overpopulation Debate as a Psychosocial Hazard (Parts=14+Refs)

[2009]:  Lipoproblems: Developing a Strategy Omitting a Key Problem (Parts=14)

[2009]:  Framing the Global Future by Ignoring Alternatives (Parts=4)

[2009]:  Engaging with Globality through Knowing Thyself: Explores a radical cognitive approach to engaging with reality and otherness. (Parts=12)

[2009]:  Women and the Underside of Meetings (Parts=10+Refs)

[2009]:  Gaia: La Belle Dame sans Merci: Uses a classic poem to highlight humanitys future plight in relation to a merciless Gaia. (Parts=)

[2009]:  Enabling Strategies for Viable Futures: Checklist of constraints on emergence of a coherence response to global crisis. (Parts=20+Refs)

[2009]:  Abuse of Faith in Governance: Mystery of the Unasked Question: Explores the dependence of governors and governed on faith and trust in the governance process. (Parts=15+Refs)

[2008]:  Responsibility for Global Governance: Who? Where? When? How? Why? Which? What?: Adaptation of the classic poem on collective responsibility. (Parts=)

[2008]:  Unknown Undoing: challenge of incomprehensibility of systemic neglect (Parts=8+Refs)

[2008]:  Dynamics of Symmetry Group Theorizing: Exploration of comprehension of symmetry and its psycho-social implications. (Parts=16+Refs)

[2008]:  Polyhedral Pattern Language: Software facilitation of emergence, representation and transformation of psycho-social organization (Parts=24+Refs)

[2008]:  Polyhedral Empowerment of Networks through Symmetry: psycho-social implications for organization and global governance (Parts=19+Refs)

[2008]:  An Inconvenient Truth about any Inconvenient Truth: Commentary on the patterns of thinking that inhibit effective response to any inconvenient truth. (Parts=3+Refs)

[2008]:  Credibility Crunch engendered by Hope-mongering: "Credit crunch" focus as symptom of a dangerous mindset (Parts=20)

[2008]:  Towards Polyhedral Global Governance: complexifying oversimplistic strategic metaphors (Parts=17+Refs)

[2008]:  Geo-engineering Oversight Agency for Thermal Stabilization (GOATS) (Parts=8+Refs)

[2008]:  Strategic Challenge of Polysensorial Knowledge: bringing the "elephant" into "focus": Presents relationship between different senses constraining vital strategic understanding. (Parts=14+Refs)

[2008]:  In Quest of Optimism Beyond the Edge: through avoidance of the answering process (Parts=18+Refs)

[2008]:  Governing Civilization through Civilizing Governance: global challenge for a turbulent future (Parts=13+Refs)

[2008]:  The Charge of the Light Brigade: revised in celebration of current global strategic management initiatives (Parts=)

[2007]:  Consciously Self-reflexive Global Initiatives: Renaissance zones, complex adaptive systems, and third order organizations (Parts=10)

[2007]:  Imagining the Real Challenge and Realizing the Imaginal Pathway of Sustainable Transformation (Parts=4+Refs)

[2007]:  In Quest of Mnemonic Catalysts -- for comprehension of complex psychosocial dynamics (Parts=16)

[2007]:  Emergence of a Global Misleadership Council: misleading as vital to governance of the future? (Parts=12+Refs)

[2007]:  All Blacks of Davos vs All Greens of Porto Alegre: reframing global strategic discord through polyphony? (Parts=5+Refs)

[2006]:  Governance through Pattern Language: creative cognitive engagement contrasted with abdication of responsibility: Explores the possibility of more radical ways of engaging (Parts=4+Refs)

[2006]:  Distinguishing Levels and Patterns of Strategic Obsolescence (Parts=6)

[2006]:  Question Avoidance, Evasion, Aversion and Phobia: why we are unable to escape from traps (Parts=8+Refs)

[2006]:  Guidelines for Critical Dialogue between Worldviews: as exemplified by the need for non-antisemitic dialogue with Israelis? (Parts=10+Refs)

[2006]:  Epistemological Challenge of Cognitive Body Odour: exploring the underside of dialogue (Parts=7+Refs)

[2005]:  Being Positive and Avoiding Negativity: Management challenge of positive vs negative (Parts=22+Refs)

[2005]:  Sustainability through the Dynamics of Strategic Dilemmas: in the light of the coherence and visual form of the Mandelbrot set (Parts=17+Refs)

[2004]:  Dynamically Gated Conceptual Communities (Parts=14+Refs)

[2004]:  Future World Council Creation: reflections of an ancient futurist (Parts=7+Refs)

[2004]:  Confusion in the Moment of Dialogue: Checklist of patterns of behaviour and attitude inhibiting better dialogue (Parts=+Refs)

[2004]:  Future of United Nations - Civil Society Relations: 257 questions in assessing the Report of the Panel of Eminent (Parts=10+Refs)

[2003]:  Global Strategic Implications of the Unsaid: from myth-making towards a wisdom society (Parts=5)

[2003]:  Tank-thoughts from Think-tanks: constraining metaphors on developing global governance (Parts=11+Refs)

[2002]:  Promoting a Singular Global Threat -- Terrorism: Strategy of choice for world governance (Parts=11+Refs)

[2002]:  The "Dark Riders" of Social Change: a challenge for any Fellowship of the Ring (Parts=11+Refs)

[2001]:  Critical Thinking vs Specious Arguments (Parts=12)

[2001]:  References (Parts=12+Refs)

[2001]:  Enabling Creative Response to Extraordinary Crises (Parts=8+Refs)

[2000]:  Evaluating Synthesis Initiatives and their Sustaining Dialogues (Parts=22)

[1998]:  Discovering richer patterns of comprehension to reframe polarization (Parts=5+Refs)

[1998]:  Reframing Personal Relationships between Innovators or Leaders (Parts=6+Refs)

[1998]:  Emptying Meetings and Fulfilling Participants: Ensuring that encounters are fruitful (Parts=4)

[1996]:  Interacting Fruitfully with Un-Civil Society: the dilemma for non-civil society organizations (Parts=12+Refs)

[1996]:  Richer Metaphors for Our Future Survival: Narrative autobiography of Anthony Judge as a futurist (Parts=3)

[1995]:  Sustainable Dialogue as a Necessary Template for Sustainable Global Community (Parts=7+Refs)

[1993]:  Learnings for the Future of Inter-Faith Dialogue (Part I): Description of the dialogue processes of the World Parliament of Religions, Chicago, 1993 (Part I) (Parts=23+Refs)

[1992]:  Configuring Strategic Dilemmas in Intersectoral Dialogue: Summary of analysis on the occasion of Earth Summit (Parts=)

[1988]:  Cooperation and its Failures: Metaphors towards understanding the dilemma for the 1990s (Parts=12)

[1984]:  Forms of Presentation and the Future of Comprehension (Parts=)

[1981]:  Remedial Capacity Indicators versus Performance Indicators (Parts=10)

[1981]:  Collective Learning from Calls for Global Action (Parts=5)

[1981]:  Beyond Method: engaging opposition in psycho-social organization (Parts=11+Refs)

[1980]:  Metaconferencing: discovering people / viewpoint networks in conferences (Parts=8+Refs)

[1976]:  Limits to Human Potential (Parts=59)

[0000]:  Strategically Relevant Evocative Questions ? (Parts=)

[0000]:  Transdisciplinarity through Structured Dialogue (Parts=18)

[0000]:  Wrecking an International Project: Notes from a saboteurs vade mecum (Parts=13)

[0000]:  Why We Do Not Thrive: Challenges to universal thrival (Parts=4)

[0000]:  Checklist of Nasty Methodological Questions -- regarding development analyses and initiatives (Parts=14+Refs)

[0000]:  Systems of Categories Distinguishing Cultural Biases: with notes on facilitation in (Parts=8)

[0000]:  In Quest of Uncommon Ground: beyond impoverished metaphor and the impotence of words of power (Parts=18)