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Embodiment of Change: Comprehension, Traction and Impact?

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[2016]:  Beyond the answer economy? Challenging Questions of Global Significance from the Young (Part 5/5+Refs)

[2015]:  Towards a more self-reflexive focus Requisite Meta-reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change? (Part 2/12)

[2015]:  Achieving traction through embodiment Requisite Meta-reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change? (Part 11/12)

[2015]:  Engendering "animation" at table: why are we "waiting"? Dreamables, Deniables, Deliverables and Duende (Part 12/12+Refs)

[2014]:  Enabling social change through cognitive internalization of globalization? Radical Cognitive Mirroring of Globalization (Part 15/17+Refs)

[2014]:  Engaging with higher orders of insight Engaging with Insight of a Higher Order (Part 9/11+Refs)

[2014]:  Organizing, starting and driving a cognitive vehicle Correspondences between Traditional Constellations and Pattern Languages (Part 6/9+Refs)

[2014]:  Learnings from the past? Encycling Problematic Wickedness for Potential Humanity (Part 2/12+Refs)

[2014]:  Transcending sterile meta-patterns of explanation Transcending an Asystemic View of Life (Part 9/9+Refs)