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Transformation threshold (Wei Chi)

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Sustainable community #64

Sustainable community #64

Transformation threshold (Wei Chi)

Metaphors: Anticipating completion / Preparing for change

Social When all has been prepared for transition to a new order that can transform a fragmented condition of society, a sustainable community should act with deliberation and caution to determine how the available resources can best be applied to achieve the desired effect.


1. As a response to the prevailing lack of order, the sustainable community may act prematurely in order to achieve something tangible, thus increasing the risk of failure. (Resulting in: Opposition).

2. The sustainable community should develop its own resources so that they are adequate to the task, but should refrain from using them until the time is ripe. (Resulting in: Progress).

3. At the moment for transition, the sustainable community may lack the resources to complete the task as required, in which case qualified assistance should be obtained. (Resulting in: Cultural heritage).

4. During the struggle to bring about the transition and overthrow the old order, the sustainable community should avoid doubt and lay the foundation for the future. (Resulting in: Inexperience).

5. Justifying its efforts, the sustainable community may succeed in its struggle so that superior values become explicit in the envisaged order and the influence it has on society, especially in contrast to that which preceded it. (Resulting in: Conflict).

6. On the threshold of the new era convivial celebration is appropriate, but the sustainable community should take care not to lose its self-control and thus jeopardize what could be achieved. (Resulting in: Liberation).

Transformation sequence Further transformation calls for creativity. (Resulting in: Creativity).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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