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Topic: Civil Society

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[2015]  Issuance of Vatican Passports to Trans-Mediterranean Immigrants  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2014]  Nos Morituri Te Salutamus: Salute of Iraqi Citizens to the Coalition of the Willing -- once again  (Parts=1)
[2008]  Interweaving Demonic and Daimonic Associations in Collective Memory  (Parts=7)
[2008]  Group Rhythm, Harmony and Transposition of Key  (Parts=1)
[2008]  Governing Civilization through Civilizing Governance: global challenge for a turbulent future  (Parts=14)
[2008]  Engendering the Future through Self-reflexive Group Initiatives  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2008]  Dynamics of Symmetry Group Theorizing  (Parts=16+Refs)
[2007]  Union of Intelligible Associations: Keystones vs Keynotes?  (Parts=1)
[2007]  Potential Psychosocial Significance of Monstrous Moonshine: an exceptional form of symmetry as a Rosetta stone for cognitive frameworks  (Parts=27+Refs)
[2007]  Einstein's Implicit Theory of Relativity - of Cognitive Property? Unexamined influence of patent office procedures  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2006]  Human Values Stock Exchange: Investing in shares in a value market of fundamental principles  (Parts=20+Refs)
[2006]  Guidelines for Critical Dialogue between Worldviews: as exemplified by the need for non-antisemitic dialogue with Israelis?  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2006]  Creative Cognitive Engagement: Beyond the limitations of descriptive patterning  (Parts=10)
[2006]  Coactive Contextual Relationships: necessary underdefinition and resonant associations of ITER-8  (Parts=5)
[2005]  Union of Intelligible Associations  (Parts=1)
[2005]  Union of Intelligible Associations: remembering the dynamic identity of a dodecameral mind  (Parts=21+Refs)
[2005]  Presumption of Guilt by Association: reframing extremism in the response to terrorism  (Parts=11)
[2005]  Information Culture of the Union of International Associations  (Parts=8)
[2005]  Exploring Intelligible Associations: ontological issues, integrative metaphors and knowledge organization  (Parts=1)
[2005]  Cui Bono: Groupthink vs Thinking the Unthinkable? Reframing the suffocating consensus in response to 7/7  (Parts=22+Refs)
[2004]  Recent Breakthroughs in Civil Society Research: Reactive vs Proactive Exploration of Opportunities and Alternatives?  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2004]  Future of United Nations - Civil Society Relations: 257 questions in assessing the Report of the Panel of Eminent Persons  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2004]  Dynamically Gated Conceptual Communities  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2003]  Nos Morituri Te Salutamus: Salute of Iraqi Citizens to the Coalition of the Willing  (Parts=1)
[2003]  Global Civil Society: strategic comments on the path ahead  (Parts=12)
[2003]  Backside to the Future: coherence and conflation of dominant strategic metaphors  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2003]  Arming Civil Society Worldwide: Getting democracy to work in the emergent American Empire?  (Parts=11)
[2002]  Groupthink: the Search for Archaeoraptor as a Metaphoric Tale  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2001]  Union of International Associations -- Virtual Organization: Paul Otlet's 100-year hypertext conundrum ?  (Parts=5)
[2001]  Strategic Overview of Union of International Associations   (Parts=1)
[2001]  Nongovernmental Organizations and the Global Compact  (Parts=4)
[2001]  Electrical Systems as a Guiding Metaphor for Stages of Group Dialogue  (Parts=2)
[2000]  Designing Cultural Rosaries and Meaning Malas to Sustain Associations within the Pattern that Connects  (Parts=9+Refs)
[1999]  Undermining Open Civil Society: Reinforcing unsustainable restrictive initiatives  (Parts=4)
[1998]  Sustainable Occupation beyond the Economic Rationale: Reframing employment, non-profit-making and voluntary  (Parts=3)
[1998]  Meaningful Association  (Parts=1)
[1998]  Learnings about Group Potential and Dysfunctionality   (Parts=1)
[1997]  The Art of Non-Decision-Making  (Parts=5+Refs)
[1997]  Reframing Inter-Faith Relationships  (Parts=1)
[1997]  International Associations in an Electronic Environment: statutory implications in the case of the Union of International Associations  (Parts=4)
[1997]  Dancing through Interfaces and Paradoxes: group alchemy  (Parts=26+Refs)
[1996]  Legal status of international NGOs: overview and options  (Parts=3+Refs)
[1996]  Interacting Fruitfully with Un-Civil Society: the dilemma for non-civil society organizations  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1996]  Exploratory System of 14 Contrasting Concepts of Civil Society  (Parts=1)
[1995]  Inter-sectoral Strategic Dilemmas of Sustainable Development (Configuring strategic dilemmas in intersectoral dialogue)
[1995]  Inter-problem relationships: Method (World Problems Project)
[1995]  In quest of the socio-economics of non-action: Post-crisis opportunities (Global Strategies Project)
[1994]  Policy Options for Civil Society through Complementary Contrasts  (Parts=9)
[1994]  NGOs and the overlapping perspectives on civil society  (Parts=1)
[1994]  NGOs and Civil Society: Realities and Distortions  (Parts=4+Refs)
[1994]  Levels of Civil Society and Public Policy Implications  (Parts=1)
[1994]  In Quest of Radical Coherence: a group design initiative  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Vision of a Poetic Policy Group Initiative: Poetry-making and Policy-making (Part G)  (Parts=1)
[1993]  The Quest for the Socio-Economics of Non-Action  (Parts=1+Refs)
[1993]  Software Concerns of the Union of International Associations  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Premises for an Inter-Cultural Gathering  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Learnings for the Future of Inter-Faith Dialogue (Part I)  (Parts=23+Refs)
[1993]  Facilitation in a Cross-cultural Environment  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Axes of Bias in Inter-cultural Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Premises for an Inter-Sectoral Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Inter-Sectoral Dialogue and Sustainable Development: Conveying Earth Summit Insights  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Dilemmas of Inter-Sectoral Dialogue Processes  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Axes of Bias in Inter-Sectoral Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1991]  Higher Orders of Inter-sectoral Consensus  (Parts=17)
[1988]  Proposed International Conventions on Nongovernmental Organizations: Comparative table  (Parts=1)
[1987]  Reflections on Associative Constraints and Possibilities in an Information society  (Parts=7+Refs)
[1987]  Application to Union of International Associations  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Non-Linear Agendas and Linear Thinking: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part T)  (Parts=1)
[1982]  Presentation of Inter-relationships of Different Levels of Inquiry and Modes of Experience   (Parts=1)
[1982]  Conference Transformations: Maturing the reflective, focusing and transformative power of large-group conferences  (Parts=28)
[1980]  Tensing Associative Networks to contain the Fragmentation and Erosion of Collective Memory  (Parts=13+Refs)
[1980]  Problems Hindering Action of International Nongovernmental Organizations  (Parts=16)
[1979]  The Associative Society of the Future  (Parts=6+Refs)
[1978]  Inter-Organizational Networking  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1978]  Facilitating the networking processes of a transnational university using computer conferencing  (Parts=11)
[1978]  Assessing the Impact of International Associations  (Parts=3+Refs)
[1977]  Growth and Impact of International Associations and their Networks: Extended version  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1977]  Facilitating Group Formation  (Parts=1)
[1977]  Enhancing Transnational Network Action  (Parts=1)
[1976]  The Network Alternative  (Parts=1)
[1976]  Pseudo-Issues Paralyzing Transanational Association Action  (Parts=15)
[1976]  Networks of International Associations: Occupational categories and world problems  (Parts=9+Refs)
[1976]  Growth and Impact of International Associations and their Networks  (Parts=12)
[1976]  Group Questing or Twelving  (Parts=3)
[1976]  Challenges to International Nongovernmental Organizations  (Parts=34)
[1975]  Transnational Associations and their Functions  (Parts=7+Refs)
[1975]  Technical Facilitation of Meeting Dynamics and Participant Inter-action  (Parts=10)
[1974]  Transnational network of research and service communities: organizational hybrid  (Parts=13+Refs)
[1974]  Conceptual Distortions from Negative Descriptors: non-governmental vs. anti-governmental  (Parts=4+Refs)
[1973]  Principles of Transnational Action: an attempt at a set of guidelines  (Parts=15)
[1973]  Inter-organizational relationships: in search of a new style  (Parts=8)
[1972]  Transnational Association Networks: research topics on international NGOs  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1972]  Transnational Action through NGO Networks  (Parts=14)
[1972]  The Nature of Organization in Transnational Networks  (Parts=13+Refs)
[1972]  Summary of the Crises in Interorganizational Relationships at the International Level  (Parts=8)
[1972]  Research topics on international non-governmental organization  (Parts=1)
[1971]  Summary of the Crises in Inter-Organizational Relationships at the International Level  (Parts=3)
[1971]  Specific proposals: Next Step in Inter-organizational Relationships  (Parts=8)
[1971]  Next Step in Inter-organizational Relationships  (Parts=1)
[1971]  Inter-organizational data and data bank design  (Parts=9+Refs)
[1971]  Information Systems and Inter-Organizational Space  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1969]  Organization Manual for International Non-Profit Organizations  (Parts=7)
[1969]  Manuel Administratif des Organisations Internationales Non-gouvernementales  (Parts=6)
[1969]  Les possibilités d'utilisation, par les organisations internationales non gouvernementales, d'ordinateurs et de traitement électronique des données  (Parts=4)
[1969]  Impact of the Computer / Communication / Information Revolution on Non-governmental Organizations  (Parts=24)
[1969]  General Systems, Education and the relevance of world system data banks and the Inter-Contact technique  (Parts=9)
[1968]  Utilisation, par les organisations internationales non gouvernementales, d'ordinateurs et de traitement électronique des données  (Parts=4)
[1968]  Possible Use of Computers and Data Processing Equipment by International Non-governmental Organizations  (Parts=5)
[1968]  Organization of a Seminar for the Officers of International Non-governmental Organizations  (Parts=1)
[1968]  Governmental Support of International Non-governmental Organizations  (Parts=10)
[1962]  Union of International Associations: a profile  (Parts=5)
[0000]  Documents about the Union of International Associations: Anthony Judge  (Parts=1)