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Preamble: meta-themes

Governing Civilization through Civilizing Governance: global challenge for a turbulent future (Part #2)

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The way in which the challenges and opportunities of governance are explored is as much a part of the challenge as the insights and possibilities that emerge from that process and how it might be improved. Some considerations:

There is therefore a case for reframing the "rules of engagement" with which these matters are envisaged and considered such as to:

  • factor in the above developments beyond current "myths"
  • provide specific points of focus: thinking and doing
  • explore the nature of any integrative context through which they can be credibly framed
  • shift cognitively "upstream" to an appropriately vigilant, self-reflexive "stance" (in martial arts terms)
Recognition of meta-challenges of global governance?

The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking
we were at when we created them. (Einstein)

To repeat the same thing over and over again,
and yet to expect a different result, this is a form of insanity. (Einstein)

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