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Designing the 21st Century

Through integration of the arts and sciences (Part #1)

Summary of the workshop on 'Who is designing the 21st Century?'
(School of Architecture and Planning, State University of New York/Buffalo, September 1995)
organized by the Center for Integrative Studies and the World Academy of Art and Science ( WAAS )

Design software
Reframing design
Geodesic tessellations
Information society
Participating in a design process

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An audacious workshop was organized through the good offices of Professor Magda McHale (Center for Integrative Studies) in an effort to focus the skills of architects and planners on the task of designing the 21st century. A special effort was made to draw upon insights into the design of cities in exploring possibilities for the future.

As in any design process, attention was accorded to the challenge of comprehending the views and needs of those who will inhabit the coming century -- as well as those they will engender for the centuries to follow. The challenge was naturally increased by the dynamic forces already shaping the coming century as a consequence of the design initiatives of the past and present, whether conscious or inadvertent.

In order to respond effectively to its task, the workshop brought together a wide spectrum of design skills which necessarily reflected often incommensurable perspectives and priorities. Making full use of electronic facilities available to the School of Architecture and Planning, the participation of numerous individuals from different cultures around the world (who could not be physically present) was also ensured.

om different cultures around the world (who could not be physically present) was also ensured.