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Cyborgs, Legaborgs, Finaborgs, Mediborgs

Meet the extraterrestrials - them is us

Cyborgs, Legaborgs, Finaborgs, Mediborgs
Transformation of humans into cyborgs
Transformation of humans into legaborgs
Transformation of humans into finaborgs
Transformation of humans into mediborgs

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Discussion of the identity of the modern human being tends to be relatively simplistic, requiring little comment. However the extreme dependency resulting from industrialization and development has effectively modified that identity in ways of which there is only a limited degree of recognition. This is an exploration of how the human being has already been effectively transformed into a cyborg through immediate dependence on technology in daily life -- with the technology becoming an extension of that identity. As argued here, using "cyborg" as a cognitive template, similar transformations of identity are associated with human dependence on legislation, finance and medicine -- through which identity is effectively defined.

Whilst cyborgs are a theme of imaginative science fiction, possibly characteristic of extraterrestrials (as with reference to the "Borg Collective" of Star Trek fame), the perspective to be explored in what follows is that those imagined characteristics are now a feature of human identity  to an unexpected degree. Rather than anticipating extraterrestrials "from elsewhere", development has engendered "extraterrestrials" on planet Earth -- and "them is us" (adapting the much-cited phrase of Pogo: We have met the enemy and he is us).