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Topic: Dialogue and Transformative Conferencing

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[2016]  Engaging with Hyperreality through Demonique and Angelique?  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2016]  Engaging Proactively with the Risk of World Misleadership  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2016]  Con-quest Aesthetically Reframed via the Concordian Mandala  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2015]  Requisite Meta-reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change?  (Parts=12)
[2015]  Requisite Meta-reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change?  (Parts=12)
[2015]  Future Conference Organization as a Wicked Problem?   (Parts=5+Refs)
[2015]  Evil Rules: Guidelines for Engaging in Armageddon Now  (Parts=11+Refs)
[2015]  Embodying Strategic Self-reference in a World Futures Conference  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2015]  Dreams that Dialogue is Made Of  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2015]  Dreams that Dialogue is Made Of  (Parts=1)
[2015]  Collective Mea Culpa? You Must be Joking!   (Parts=9+Refs)
[2014]  Implication of the 12 Knights in any Strategic Round Table  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2014]  Engaging with Insight of a Higher Order  (Parts=11+Refs)
[2013]  World Futures Conference as Catastrophic Question  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2013]  Internyet Nescience  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2013]  Forthcoming Major Revolution in Global Dialogue   (Parts=11)
[2012]  Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness?  (Parts=15+Refs)
[2012]  Transforming the Art of Conversation  (Parts=1)
[2012]  Transforming the Art of Conversation  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2012]  Paradoxes of Engaging with the Ultimate in any Guise  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2012]  Orbiting Round Nothingness across Communication Space  (Parts=8)
[2012]  Multivocal Poetic Discourse Emphasizing Improvisation  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2012]  Middle East Peace Potential through Dynamics in Spherical Geometry  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2012]  Knowledge Processes Neglected by Science   (Parts=11+Refs)
[2012]  Engaging with Everything: emergence of paradoxical forms of identity  (Parts=5)
[2012]  Embodying a Way Round Pointlessness?  (Parts=14)
[2012]  Considerable Conglomeration of "Cons" of Global Concern  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2011]  Reframing the Dynamics of Engaging with Otherness   (Parts=13+Refs)
[2011]  Primary Global Reserve Currency: the Con?  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2011]  Implication of Toroidal Transformation of the Crown of Thorns: Design challenge to enable integrative comprehension  (Parts=15+Refs)
[2011]  Enabling a 12-fold Pattern of Dialogue for Governance  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2011]  ¿ Higher Education ∞ Meta-education ?  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2010]  Engaging with the Inexplicable, the Incomprehensible and the Unexpected  (Parts=23)
[2010]  Engaging with the Future with Insights of the Past  (Parts=8)
[2009]  Women and the Underside of Meetings   (Parts=10+Refs)
[2009]  United Nations Overpopulation Denial Conference  (Parts=12+Refs)
[2009]  Transforming the Unsustainable Cost of General Education  (Parts=5)
[2009]  Strategic Dialogue through Poetic Improvisation: web resources  (Parts=1+Refs)
[2009]  Poetic Engagement with Afghanistan, Caucasus and Iran  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2009]  Overpopulation Debate as a Psychosocial Hazard  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2009]  Lipoproblems: Developing a Strategy Omitting a Key Problem  (Parts=15)
[2009]  Geometry, Topology and Dynamics of Identity: Annex  (Parts=5)
[2009]  Engaging with Osama bin Laden in Swat   (Parts=4)
[2009]  Engaging with Globality through Dynamic Complexity  (Parts=12)
[2009]  Engaging with Globality through Playful Re-categorizing  (Parts=10)
[2009]  Engaging with Globality: through cognitive lines, circlets, crowns or holes   (Parts=7+Refs)
[2009]  Engaging with Globality through Knowing Thyself  (Parts=13)
[2009]  Engaging with Globality through Cognitive Crowns  (Parts=7)
[2009]  Engaging with Globality through Cognitive Circlets  (Parts=11)
[2009]  Engaging with Globality through Cognitive Realignment  (Parts=13)
[2008]  Unknown Undoing: challenge of incomprehensibility of systemic neglect  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2008]  Strategic Patterns in terms of Knowing, Feeling and Action  (Parts=4)
[2008]  Self-reflective Embodiment of Transdisciplinary Integration (SETI): the universal criteria of species maturity?  (Parts=16+Refs)
[2008]  Polyhedral Representation of Conference Dynamics: integrative configuration of panelists, dialogues, topics and threads  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2008]  Polyhedral Conference Representation as a Catalyst for Innovation  (Parts=1)
[2008]  Institutionalized Shunning of Overpopulation Challenge: incommunicability of fundamentally inconvenient truth  (Parts=15+Refs)
[2008]  In Quest of Engaging Values: context of the Human Values and Wisdom Project  (Parts=11)
[2008]  In Quest of Optimism Beyond the Edge: through avoidance of the answering process  (Parts=18+Refs)
[2008]  Geo-engineering Oversight Agency for Thermal Stabilization (GOATS)  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2008]  Engendering the Future through Self-reflexive Group Initiatives  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2008]  Communication with Whom, about What, Where and Why?  (Parts=6)
[2008]  Climate of Change Misrepresented as Climate Change   (Parts=13+Refs)
[2008]  Climate Change and the Elephant in the Living Room  (Parts=18+Refs)
[2007]  Universal Declaration of Responsibilities of Human Intercourse: a draft proposal  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2007]  Rethinking Conference Interfaces  (Parts=1)
[2007]  Resonances between Challenging Psychosocial Change Initiatives: Selected web resources  (Parts=4)
[2007]  Interrelationships between 64 Complementary Approaches to Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[2007]  Interrelationships between 64 Complementary Approaches to Conferencing  (Parts=1)
[2007]  In Quest of "Meta-Union"? Interplay of generic dimensions of any "union of international associations"  (Parts=2)
[2007]  In Quest of Mnemonic Catalysts -- for comprehension of complex psychosocial dynamics  (Parts=17)
[2007]  In Further Quest of "Meta-Union"? Interplay of generic dimensions of any "union of international associations"  (Parts=5)
[2007]  Imagining the Real Challenge and Realizing the Imaginal Pathway of Sustainable Transformation  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2007]  History of Participant Interaction Messaging (1979-1995)  (Parts=2)
[2007]  BYO: More Meaningful Patterns of Consumption  (Parts=1)
[2006]  Snoring of The Other: a politically relevant psycho-spiritual metaphor?  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2006]  Question Avoidance, Evasion, Aversion and Phobia: why we are unable to escape from traps  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2006]  Interrelating Cognitive Catastrophes in a Grail-chalice Proto-model: implications of WH-questions for self-reflexivity and dialogue  (Parts=7)
[2006]  Human Values Stock Exchange: Investing in shares in a value market of fundamental principles  (Parts=20+Refs)
[2006]  Guidelines for Sustainable Dialogue   (Parts=3+Refs)
[2006]  Guidelines for Critical Dialogue between Worldviews: as exemplified by the need for non-antisemitic dialogue with Israelis?  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2006]  Epistemological Challenge of Cognitive Body Odour: exploring the underside of dialogue  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2006]  Documents relating to Transformative Conferencing (adapted from I Ching): Anthony Judge  (Parts=1)
[2006]  Documents relating to Sustainable Dialogue (adapted from I Ching): Anthony Judge  (Parts=1)
[2006]  Distinguishing Levels and Patterns of Strategic Obsolescence  (Parts=7)
[2006]  Conformality of 7 WH-questions to 7 Elementary Catastrophes: an exploration of potential psychosocial implications  (Parts=19+Refs)
[2006]  Complementary Knowledge Analysis / Mapping Process  (Parts=5)
[2005]  Thinking in Terror: refocusing the interreligious challenge from thinking after terror  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2005]  Sustainability through the Dynamics of Strategic Dilemmas: in the light of the coherence and visual form of the Mandelbrot set  (Parts=17+Refs)
[2005]  Psycho-social Significance of the Mandelbrot Set: a sustainable boundary between chaos and order  (Parts=6)
[2005]  Meta-challenges of the Future: for Networking through Think-tanks  (Parts=1)
[2005]  Imagination, Resolution, Emergence, Realization and Embodiment: iterative comprehension ordered via the dynamics of the Mandelbrot set  (Parts=4)
[2005]  Cui Bono: Groupthink vs Thinking the Unthinkable? Reframing the suffocating consensus in response to 7/7  (Parts=22+Refs)
[2005]  Cardioid Attractor Fundamental to Sustainability: 8 transactional games forming the heart of sustainable relationship  (Parts=16+Refs)
[2005]  Being Positive and Avoiding Negativity: Management challenge of positive vs negative  (Parts=22+Refs)
[2005]  Avoiding Dialogue with Alternative Worldviews at any Cost: Timid hypocrisy in responding to terrorism  (Parts=14)
[2005]  "Disabilities" Affecting Conference Participation  (Parts=7)
[2004]  Errorism vs Terrorism?: Encroachment, Complicity, Denial and Terraism  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2004]  Engaging with Questions of Higher Order: cognitive vigilance required for higher degrees of twistedness  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2004]  Engaging Macrohistory through the Present Moment  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2004]  Confusion in the Moment of Dialogue: Checklist of patterns of behaviour and attitude inhibiting better dialogue   (Parts=1)
[2002]  Transforming the Encounter with Terrorism  (Parts=1)
[2002]  Selected Websites on Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[2002]  Patterning Archetypal Templates of Emergent Order: implications of diamond faceting for enlightening dialogue  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2002]  Interrelationships between 64 Complementary Approaches to Sustainable Development  (Parts=5)
[2002]  Crusading from Washing-Town to Bag-Dad: pre-emptive regime change as the key to sustainable development  (Parts=1)
[2001]  Hybrid International Meetings for Participants on the Move  (Parts=3+Refs)
[2001]  Enhancing the Quality of Email Dialogue using Artificial Intelligence  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2001]  Electrical Systems as a Guiding Metaphor for Stages of Group Dialogue  (Parts=2)
[2000]  Test challenges for Alien Encounter: Communicating with Aliens (Part I)  (Parts=21)
[2000]  Meeting Industrialization and Package-Processing of Participants  (Parts=7)
[2000]  International Conferences as Surrogate Universal Spiritual Celebrations  (Parts=1)
[2000]  Evaluating Synthesis Initiatives and their Sustaining Dialogues  (Parts=1)
[2000]  Distinguishing Patterns of Assumption in Dialogue with Aliens: Communicating with Aliens (Part III)  (Parts=20)
[2000]  Dialogue Challenges towards the Year 3000  (Parts=16)
[2000]  Designing a Team for Alien Encounter: Communicating with Aliens (Part IV)  (Parts=2)
[2000]  Communicating with Aliens: the Psychological Dimension of Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[2000]  Category Manipulation in Global Dialogue  (Parts=6)
[1999]  Beyond Sun, Sea and Sex: Conference marketing and communication issues of the future   (Parts=1)
[1998]  Varieties of Dialogue by Number: Experimental overview by number of perspectives represented  (Parts=1)
[1998]  Typology of 12 complementary dialogue modes essential to sustainable dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1998]  Spherical configuration of interlocking roundtables: Internet enhancement of global self-organization through patterns of dialogue  (Parts=22)
[1998]  Enhancing Sustainable Development Strategies through Avoidance of Military Metaphors  (Parts=10)
[1998]  Emptying Meetings and Fulfilling Participants: Ensuring that encounters are fruitful  (Parts=5)
[1998]  Developing an Internet Framework for Creative Dialogue on Irreconcilable Policy Differences  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Varieties of Dialogue Arenas and Styles: Table  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Transformation Metaphors: dialogue, vision, conferencing, policy, network, community and lifestyle  (Parts=2)
[1997]  Sustaining the Coherence of Dialogue through Apartness: configuration of entities through hypertext  (Parts=6)
[1997]  Reframing Inter-Faith Relationships  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Reframing Relationships as a Mathematical Challenge: Jerusalem as a Parody of Current Interfaith Dialogue  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1997]  Reflections on World Futures Conferences: in response to a request for feedback  (Parts=12)
[1997]  Pattern of Sustainable Community Participant Roles  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Future Generation through Global Conversation: in quest of collective well-being through conversation in the present moment  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1997]  Community Participant Roles and Contract  (Parts=4)
[1997]  Aesthetic Challenge of Interfaith Dialogue as Exemplified by Meditation  (Parts=15)
[1996]  Understanding Sustainable Dialogue: the secret within Bucky's Ball  (Parts=1)
[1996]  Towards a web framework for synthesis in dialogue: insight capture from the flow of conference interventions  (Parts=1)
[1996]  The International School of Ignorance ?: an ongoing experiment in dialogue meeting design  (Parts=1)
[1996]  The International School of Ignorance ?: an ongoing experiment in online dialogue meeting design  (Parts=1)
[1996]  TAO of Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1996]  Electronic Context of Future International Meetings  (Parts=1)
[1996]  Creating a Context for More Meaningful Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1995]  Unwritten rules and wishful thinking: Strategic denial (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Unmentionable realities: Strategic denial (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Transformative conferencing: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Sustainable Dialogue as a Necessary Template for Sustainable Global Community  (Parts=7+Refs)
[1995]  Structure of concluding declarations: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Strategies in meetings: Post-crisis opportunities (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Reframing the unknown: Strategic denial (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Policy forums as metaphors: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Misappropriation of words of power: Strategic denial (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Metaphors of transformation in conferences: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Meeting participant contract: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Levels of dialogue: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Learnings for the future of dialogue: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Le doute créateur et l'art de la métaphore  (Parts=1)
[1995]  Interparadigmatic dialogue: Epistemological challenges (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Insights from architecture: Envisioning conferencing (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Insights from drama and dance: Envisioning conferencing (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Insights from poetry and painting: Envisioning conferencing (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Insights from music: Envisioning conferencing (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Current possibilities of implementation: Envisioning conferencing (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Constraints on a meta-answer: Strategic appropriateness (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Configuring Strategic Dilemmas in Intersectoral Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Configuring strategic dilemmas in intersectoral dialogue: Strategic ecosystem (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Conceptual weaknesses of conferencing: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Concept Tracking in Conferences  (Parts=1)
[1995]  Aesthetics of governance: Envisioning conferencing (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Action inhibition: Strategic denial (Global Strategies Project)
[1994]  Transdisciplinarity through Structured Dialogue  (Parts=19)
[1994]  Time-sharing System in Meetings: Centralized planning vs Free-market economy ?  (Parts=3)
[1994]  Reframing Discourse on Sexual Harassment in Conferences  (Parts=7+Refs)
[1994]  Organization of Transdisciplinary Conferences  (Parts=14+Refs)
[1994]  Conference towards Spiritual Concord as a Metaphor of Spiritual Concord  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Traps and Opportunities of Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Towards a Language of Spiritual Concord  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Structure of Declarations: Challenging Traditional Patterns  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Proposal for an Exploratory International Conference: Poetry-making and Policy-making (Part H)  (Parts=5)
[1993]  Premises for an Inter-Cultural Gathering  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Possible Meeting Facilitation Services  (Parts=4)
[1993]  Pattern of Meeting Participant Roles: Shadowy 'roundtable' hidden within every meeting  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Meeting Participant Roles and Contract  (Parts=18)
[1993]  Learnings for the Future of Inter-Faith Dialogue (Part I)  (Parts=23+Refs)
[1993]  Guidelines to Dialogue through Metaphor  (Parts=8)
[1993]  Guide to Friendly International Meeting Centres  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Clues to the Nature of a Gathering  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Clues to Working Insights in Conferences  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Axes of Bias in Inter-cultural Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Varieties of Dialogue Arenas and Styles: Table I  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Varieties of Dialogue Arenas and Styles  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Towards Spiritual Concord/ First World Congress towards Spiritual Concord  (Parts=16)
[1992]  Premises for an Inter-Sectoral Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Meta-Conferencing: Integration of the Concept Structure of Debate  (Parts=3)
[1992]  Inter-Sectoral Dialogue and Sustainable Development: Conveying Earth Summit Insights  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Geometry of Sustainable Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Dilemmas of Inter-Sectoral Dialogue Processes  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Dialogue Statements or forms of Intervention: Tentative typology  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Configuring Strategic Dilemmas in Intersectoral Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Axes of Bias in Inter-Sectoral Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1991]  Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue: Collection of papers  (Parts=1)
[1990]  Transformative Conferencing: re-enchantment of networking through conceptware  (Parts=11)
[1990]  Towards Another Order of Conferencing: insights from the I Ching  (Parts=1)
[1988]  Energy Patterns in Conferences: a context for higher levels of integration  (Parts=22+Refs)
[1985]  Sustaining the Quality of Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Transformative Conferencing: Problems and possibilities on the new frontier of high-risk gatherings concerning social development  (Parts=9)
[1984]  Pattern Language for Participants: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part U)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Participant Entrapment (Repetition of Learning Cycles): Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part S)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Participant Entrapment (Alienation of Committed Activists): Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part R)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Participant Personality Needs and Problems: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part Q)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Participant Interaction Modes: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part O)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Non-Linear Agendas and Linear Thinking: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part T)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Modelling Meetings (Analogies and Metaphors): Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part N)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Meetings as Metaphors: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part M)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Meeting Focus (a checklist): Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part F)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Meeting Focus (a description): Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part E)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Losing Meeting Focus: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part G)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Integrative Skills: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part D)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Integrative Failure: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part C)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Envisioning the Perfect Meeting: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part B)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Differences in Style of Artistic and Policy Endeavour: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part P)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Configurative Metaphors: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part J)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Complementary Metaphors of Discourse: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part I)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Comment: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part A)  (Parts=1)
[1983]  Patterning Transformative Change: dialogue, vision, conference, policy, network, community and lifestyle  (Parts=5)
[1983]  Interrelating Incompatible Viewpoints: dialogue, vision, conference, policy, network, community and lifestyle  (Parts=7)
[1983]  Alternating between Complementary Conditions: dialogue, vision, conference, policy, network, community and lifestyle  (Parts=7)
[1982]  Conference Transformations: Maturing the reflective, focusing and transformative power of large-group conferences  (Parts=28)
[1981]  Togetherbound: a gathering of the mad  (Parts=13)
[1981]  Metaconferencing possibilities: discovering people / viewpoint networks in conferences  (Parts=12)
[1981]  INTERCONTACT: an on-line information system on international organizations and conferences  (Parts=1)
[1981]  Beyond Method: engaging opposition in psycho-social organization  (Parts=11)
[1980]  University of Earth: meta-organization for post-crisis action  (Parts=1)
[1980]  Participant Interaction Messaging: improving the conference process  (Parts=11+Refs)
[1980]  Metaconferencing: discovering people / viewpoint networks in conferences  (Parts=9)
[1979]  Meeting Thoughts, Visions and Speculations: a destructured congress  (Parts=8)
[1979]  Development beyond Science to Wisdom  (Parts=13+Refs)
[1979]  Computer-enhanced Communication Environment for an International Conference Centre  (Parts=17)
[1978]  Interrelating Viewpoints in Complex Meetings  (Parts=9)
[1978]  First World New Age Congress (Florence, 1978)  (Parts=1)
[1978]  Facilitating the networking processes of a transnational university using computer conferencing  (Parts=11)
[1978]  Enhancement of Communications between Commonwealth Organizations using Computer-conferencing Techniques  (Parts=18)
[1978]  A Congress that Dared the Unthinkable: report on the First New Age Congress  (Parts=6)
[1977]  Système d'Echanges d'Informations: rélatif à une réunion dans le cadre d'un environnement de conférence par Ordinateur  (Parts=12)
[1977]  Organization of Meetings for Discussion of Complex Issues  (Parts=3)
[1977]  Formes d' organisation suscitées par la Complexité  (Parts=4)
[1977]  Computer Conferencing as a Means of Enhancing Communication at a Large Conference / Festival  (Parts=8)
[1977]  A Meeting-related Information Exchange Facility -- within a computer conferencing environment  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1975]  Towards an Outline of a Self-Reflexive Conference  (Parts=1)
[1975]  Technical facilitation of meeting dynamics and participant interaction  (Parts=1)
[1975]  Technical Facilitation of Meeting Dynamics and Participant Inter-action  (Parts=10)
[1975]  Meeting Types: Old and New  (Parts=1)
[1975]  Meeting Failure and Participant Frustration  (Parts=6)
[1974]  Social Transmutation Conference: Details of possible themes  (Parts=12)
[1974]  Conference Series on Social Catalysis: proposed  (Parts=5)
[1971]  Use of Multi-Meetings: Proposal for Improvement to NGO / UN Relationships  (Parts=7)
[1971]  Summary of Functions Performed by NGO Conferences   (Parts=1)
[1971]  Criteria for an Adequate Meta-model  (Parts=16)
[1969]  Les possibilités d'utilisation, par les organisations internationales non gouvernementales, d'ordinateurs et de traitement électronique des données  (Parts=4)
[1968]  Utilisation, par les organisations internationales non gouvernementales, d'ordinateurs et de traitement électronique des données  (Parts=4)
[1964]  Proceedings of International Meetings: Analysis of a bibliography  (Parts=6)