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Strategic Dialogue through Poetic Improvisation: web resources


Strategic Dialogue through Poetic Improvisation

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This document contains the bibliographical resources originally assembled for Poetic Engagement with Afghanistan, Caucasus and Iran: an unexplored strategic opportunity? (2009) in response to strategic challenges in the region named.

This is a development of earlier studies of the interface between strategy and poetry (Poetry-making and Policy-making: arranging a marriage between Beauty and the Beast, 1993; Ensuring Strategic Resilience through Haiku Patterns: reframing the scope of the "martial arts" in response to strategic threats, 2006) as well as in relation to the role of music and song (A Singable Earth Charter, EU Constitution or Global Ethic? 2006; Reframing the EU Reform Process -- through Song responding to the Irish challenge to the Lisbon Treaty, 2008; All Blacks of Davos vs All Greens of Porto Alegre: reframing global strategic discord through polyphony? 2007).

More speculatively, the argument had previously been explored as Aesthetics of Governance in the Year 2490 (1990).

The references included here focus on an interface associated with enabling skills that combine the following:

  • improvisation -- namely composition during exposition or recitation -- whether or not some content is derived from classical verses or extant material
  • interaction with one or more others -- such that each responds to thematic content and aesthetic parameters introduced by the other
  • debate responsive to radically divisive socio-political and ideological issues -- variously represented by the interactants as "stakeholders" -- namely beyond any emphasis on entertainment or representation
  • cultural sensitivity, especially with respect to reservations as exemplified by the Islamic culture