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Reframing Global Initiatives for the Future

In the light of past experiments (Part #1)

Towards a generic description
Towards a higher order of abstraction?
Potential of new modes of thinking
Challenge of selection and organization
Enabling a viable strategic window: "executive decision-making"
Game-playing, gerrymandering, astroturfing and globallooning
Misrepresentation of interactive feedback processes
Acknowledging collective conceptual impotence
Avoidance of simulation
Strategic groupthink?
Enabling metaphors
Reframing opportunities for the individual
Previous commentaries on aspects of the challenge
Eliciting coherent comprehension of the challenge through aesthetics

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This is a brief reflection on how it might be fruitful to approach the possibility and organization of future global initiatives in the light of learnings from the past. Of particular interest is the possibility of informing such reflections with the more challenging insights from the sciences, namely to endeavour to take account of general formalizations and reframings of methodology. Also of interest is recognition of the role of aesthetics in rendering any such organization attractive, engaging, memorable and coherent.

To repeat the same thing over and over again, and yet to expect a different result, this is a form of insanity.
The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them
[Albert Einstein]
of thinking we were at when we created them
[Albert Einstein]