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El-Attractor -- Timeless Complex Dynamic

Health, Wealth, Stealth / Youth, Couth, Truth (Part #1)

Poesis as a prerequisite for autopoiesis -- in psychosocial systems?
Separately: Health, Wealth and Stealth
Binary combination dynamics
Triadic combination -- the dynamics of the attractor
Symbolic origins
Truth , "Couth" ("Ruth"), and Youth
Common attractor
Symbolic representation of generic systems centred on attractors
Comprehension of the attractor dynamic as a resonance hybrid

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This is an exploration of the complex relationship between health, wealth and stealth -- as they may be variously understood, notably in relationship to governance. They are seen here as forming a triadic pattern of relationships. The relation between any two being unstable under the influence of the one that is minimized, if not completely excluded. This dynamic pattern has as its governing focus a central attractor -- as understood by the complexity sciences. Triadically displayed the pattern highlights seven zones that merit particular reflection in relation to the whole.

As a meditation on the origin, understanding and operation of this attractor, one device used here is the phonetic commonality shared by health, wealth and stealth. They form a unique set in English rhyming dictionaries that includes no other words. In this spirit it is suggested that the common root "ealth" may be considered as related phonetically in an interesting way to "El", with its religious implications -- of notable significance in a world increasingly guided by faith-based governance. For convenience, the attractor is therefore named El-Attractor for reasons which are here made clear..

As a complement to the above exploration, its logic may also apply to the relationship between youth, couth and truth. Again it could be argued that these represent a unique set in phonetic terms with a complex pattern of relationships between them. As a complement it is argued that these too can be understood as centred on the same attractor.

The exploration was triggered by a project on the relationship between truth (faith) and wealth (prosperity) which gave rise to the value-related portion of Preliminary NetMap Studies of Databases on Questions, World Problems, Global Strategies, and Values (2006). Whilst this exploration is serious in intent, it is also to be understood as an effort to play fruitfully with possibilities (cf Humour and Play-Fullness: essential integrative processes in governance, religion and transdisciplinarity, 2005; Playfully Changing the Prevailing Climate of Opinion: climate change as focal metaphor of effective global governance, 2005).

of Opinion: climate change as focal metaphor of effective global governance, 2005).

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