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Future Operation of International Organizations within an Electronic Environment

Framework for reflection on intra- and inter-organizational issues of relevance to both intergovernmental organizations and NGOs (Part #1)

Past concerns
Present and future concerns
Conclusion and possibilities
Institutional reform initiatives
Greater cost-effectiveness
Transferring communication costs to users
Cultural factors and misinformed enthusiasm
Interface between old and new
Concept management and insight capture
Anthony Judge:

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It is unnecessary to comment here on the established and successful use of electronic exchanges for: 

  • individuals participating in 'international' conferences through environments created by initiatives such as PeaceNet, EcoNet, LaborNet, GreenNet and APC in general
  • participation of individuals in 'international conferences' taking the form of Usenet groups
  • 'mailing list conferences' organized through listservers to which individuals can subscribe, often initiated by organizations in relation to particular issues 
  • use of electronic mail and groupware facilities, whether in an inter-net or intra-net environment, possibly initiated by particular international organizations
ntra-net environment, possibly initiated by particular international organizations