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Walking Elven Pathways: enactivating the pattern that connects

Explore constraints and possibilities on envisioning the future

Walking Elven Pathways
Metaphoric entrapment and impoverishment?
Words of power vs Motherhood statements?
Dynamically-gated envisioning communities?
Finding and walking "elven pathways"
Tangibility vs Hyperlinking
Enactivating "the pattern that connects"
Enactivating the "lost language of the elves"
Engaging oneself and the world: a divine marriage?
Embodying the world -- the search for radical coherence?
Embodying the universe?

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There is widespread concern with envisioning the future in some form. Many processes and events are organized to do so. It is the focus of many books and documents. Some are elaborated at the local level, or for particular communities, others at the national or even the international level. Such endeavours may be undertaken by governmental bodies, think-tanks or multinational corporations -- in addition to those by associations of every kind.

The following exploration is not concerned with the justifications for such processes but with asking whether the approach is necessarily engaging with the most useful questions at this point in time -- or asking them in the most appropriate way.