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Topic: Environment / Ecology / Biodiversity

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[2011]  Environmental Enrichment: Automated reconfiguration of zooenclosures  (Parts=1)
[2007]  Clappy-Happy Global Management   (Parts=1)
[2007]  Challenge of Nonviolent Population Decimation: Reducing effects of overpopulation on resources and climate change by major reduction in the height of people  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2006]  Enabling a Living Library: reconciling "free voices" and "intellectual propriety"   (Parts=7)
[2003]  En-minding the Extended Body: Enactive engagement in conceptual shapeshifting and deep ecology  (Parts=19+Refs)
[2002]  War against Terra  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2002]  Psychology of Sustainability: Embodying cyclic environmental processes  (Parts=18)
[1999]  Greening Pylons: an Electrifying Approach to Biodiversity  (Parts=1)
[1997]  International Associations in an Electronic Environment: statutory implications in the case of the Union of International Associations  (Parts=4)
[1997]  Future Operation of International Organizations within an Electronic Environment  (Parts=13)
[1995]  Graphics environment for exploring relationship networks: Visualization (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1994]  Spherical Configuration of Categories to Reflect Systemic Patterns of Environmental Checks and Balances  (Parts=18+Refs)
[1993]  Towards an Ecology of Spiritual Traditions as Articulated by a Dynamic System of Metaphors  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1993]  Systems of Categories Distinguishing Cultural Biases: with notes on facilitation in a multicultural environment  (Parts=9)
[1993]  La Métaphore: un outil pour créer  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Insight Storage and Retrieval in a Computer-supported Environment  (Parts=4)
[1993]  Facilitation in a Cross-cultural Environment  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Wanted: Enemies of the Earth and Greenwar International  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Reinventing Your Metaphoric Habitat  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Earth Summit as a Natural Ecological System  (Parts=1)
[1991]  Towards an Ecology of Spiritual Traditions: experimental articulation through a dynamic system of metaphors  (Parts=1+Refs)
[1990]  Comprehending an Ecology of Cultures  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1989]  Through Metaphor to a Sustainable Ecology of Development Policies  (Parts=15+Refs)
[1988]  Enhancing Policy Forums through Ecological Metaphors  (Parts=1)
[1979]  Computer-enhanced Communication Environment for an International Conference Centre  (Parts=17)
[1977]  Knowledge-Representation in a Computer-Supported Environment  (Parts=4+Refs)
[1977]  A Meeting-related Information Exchange Facility -- within a computer conferencing environment  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1973]  UN Environment Programme Wastes NGO Resources  (Parts=1)
[1972]  A Human Environment Ombudsman  (Parts=1)