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Evaluation of International Organizations


Evaluation of International Organizations
Current Efforts to Evaluate Non-Profit Organizations
Qualitative Evaluation
Quantitative Evaluation
Comparison between NGOs
Business Ratios
Special Ratios

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Extract from: Report of a Preliminary Investigation of the Possibility of Using Computer Data Processing Methods (1966).
Originally printed in International Associations, 1969, 3, pp. 141-147 [PDF version]

Need for Evaluation

The need for evaluation of NGOs in general can be itemized as follows:

  • means of obtaining a continuing assessment of the value of international NGOs in order to demonstrate their special role to critics who may control fund allocation.
  • inadequate or inaccurate self evaluation by a few organizations, due to the lack of accepted techniques, leads to the discredit of the general objectives of all fund raising organizations and nonprofit organizations.
  • means of checking on the progress of joint programs, points of duplication or inadequacy.

The need for self evaluation of an individual organization can be itemized as follows:

  • each organization requires some means of assessing its performance in terms of its ultimate objectives and in terms of specific programs as a guide to future programs. Evaluation is the process which enables the administrator to describe the effects of his program, and thereby to make progressive adjustments in order to reach his goals more effectively.
  • need for members of an organization to be able to assess objectively the performance of executives of the organization.
  • self evaluation is a valid and useful function of those in association management positions. It is a way of developing a positive attitude within the membership.