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Transforming from Paranoia through Metanoia and Hyponoia?

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[2013]:  Wholth as Sustaining Dynamic of Health and Wealth: Cognitive dynamics sustaining the meta-pattern that connects (Parts=12+Refs)

[2013]:  University of Ignorance : Engaging with nothing, the unknown, the incomprehensible, and the unsaid (Parts=14+Refs)

[2013]:  Systematic Gerrymandering of Declared Threats and Legality of Response: Opportunistic exceptionalism underlying promulgated rules of governance (Parts=9+Refs)

[2012]:  Paradoxes of Engaging with the Ultimate in any Guise: Living Life Penultimately (Parts=6+Refs)

[2012]:  Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness?: Embodying the Geometry of Fundamental Cognitive Dynamics (Parts=15+Refs)

[2012]:  Transforming and Interweaving the Ways of Being Stoned: Imagination, Promise, Rocks, Memorials, Petrification (Parts=12+Refs)

[2012]:  Enstoning through "drugs" and "imbibing" (Parts=1)

[2011]:  Ungovernability of Sustainable Global Democracy?: Towards engaging appropriately with time (Parts=10+Refs)

[2011]:  Mind Map of Global Civilizational Collapse : Why Nothing is Happening in Response to Global Challenges (Parts=7+Refs)

[2011]:  Enabling a 12-fold Pattern of Dialogue for Governance (Parts=9+Refs)

[2011]:  Map of Systemic Interdependencies None Dares Name: Challenge of global life and death (Parts=2+Refs)

[2011]:  In Quest of Sustainability as Holy Grail of Global Governance (Parts=6)

[2010]:  Interweaving Thematic Threads and Learning Pathways: Noonautics, Magic carpets and Wizdomes (Parts=8+Refs)

[2010]:  Sustaining a Community of Strange Loops: Comprehension and engagement through aesthetic ring transformation (Parts=5)

[2010]:  Mapping the Global Underground: Articulating Insightful Population Constraint Consideration (IPCC) (Parts=12+Refs)

[2010]:  Engendering Invagination and Gastrulation of Globalization: Reconstructive insights from the sciences and the humanities (Parts=10+Refs)

[2010]:  Designing Global Self-governance for the Future: Patterns of dynamic integration of the netherworld (Parts=12+Refs)

[2009]:  Engaging with Globality through Cognitive Crowns: Dimension: All-encompassing, well-rounded experience (Parts=7)

[2007]:  Imagining the Real Challenge and Realizing the Imaginal Pathway of Sustainable Transformation (Parts=5+Refs)

[2006]:  Enactivating a Cognitive Fusion Reactor: Imaginal Transformation of Energy Resourcing (ITER-8) (Parts=10+Refs)

[2004]:  Spontaneous Initiation of Armageddon -- a heartfelt response to systemic negligence (Parts=13+Refs)

[2002]:  Patterning Archetypal Templates of Emergent Order: implications of diamond faceting for enlightening dialogue (Parts=10+Refs)

[1998]:  Spherical configuration of interlocking roundtables: Internet enhancement of global self-organization through patterns of dialogue (Parts=22)

[1996]:  From Information Highways to Songlines of the Noosphere: Global configuration of hypertext pathways as a prerequisite for meaningful collective transformation (Parts=12+Refs)

[1994]:  Spherical Configuration of Categories to Reflect Systemic Patterns of Environmental Checks and Balances (Parts=18+Refs)